The Purge: Getting Rid Of 100 Things Before The New Year

We are so blessed. So much so, I believe we take for granted at how much stuff we accumulate. Even my tiny less than 450 sq. ft. Bay Area apartment is stuffed full with stuff. A lot of of the items in my home I once loved. But, in this season of my life most of these things have served their purpose. So now I’m on a mission to declutter my space before the New Year.

Don’t be a alarmed! I know how difficult and emotional it can be to get rid of your things. Every piece of clothing, jewelry, and or book has a story. Who gave it to you? What season in your life does it remind you of? But the question you must ask yourself, “Is it serving me now?” If the answer is,”No,” then it is time for you to let that item go. You can do this at anytime of the year and it is the most freeing experience. When you start getting rid of all the unnecessary junk, watch how quickly your mind becomes clear. Your physical space and your mind are connected.

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So, how do you actually part with your stuff?
  1. Decide – Make a decision that quality is more important to you than quantity. Have less stuff and more joy!
  2. Breathe – Take a deep breath. You are making room for new blessings and a better lifestyle. Let it go. If you are staring at an item for too long trying to make a decision then you really don’t need it.
  3. Say bye! – If it is wearable and it no longer fits or fits into your style it has to go! We are constantly growing and changing the way we see ourselves. Your clothes should be a reflection of your life now – not how you were in the 90s!
  4. List it! – Use our The Purge Worksheet and take an inventory of the items in each space that you can get rid of. Kitchen, bathroom, craft room/office, bedroom, bookshelf, closet – clothing, closet – shoes, towels, make up, skincare and anything else that needs to be purged and organized. Once you have listed everything on the worksheet, decide what can be sold, given away or donated. Do not wait to do this. If you decide that an item can be donated call Goodwill (or whatever place you choose) and arrange a pickup/drop off at your local center. If you keep this pile in your house for too long you may be tempted to keep it. The same goes for giving away and throwing away.

Diva tip: Anything with holes stains etc. should not be donated. I typically donate items that I would like to wear myself.

Bonus Diva Tip: Invite a friend over to help. You both can sip Apple Cider, play Christmas music and PURGE.

So, who is ready to upgrade your quality living? Download The Purge Worksheet and let’s get started.

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  1. I do a lot of crafts. I get my materials second hand and sort things. Then I give away whatever I don’t need. The best thing is to sort by color or type.. Another thing I do is to just keep a few of each item unless it is old or valuable. I know people who have big bins of fabric, yarn, paper or silk flowers. I have a plastic shoebox of each. If someone gives me a whole skein of yarn, I give it to someone who knits or crochets. I give big pieces of fabric to quilters.