2011: The Year of Restoration

Another year is here and with it new resolutions to make. I’ve had a few New Year’s Resolutions spinning around in my head for weeks now and have yet to write any one of them down. After polling some of my friends about their resolutions, I stumbled across an idea that I’m sure I can commit to keeping throughout 2011. Instead of making countless resolutions that maybe I will keep, I’m giving my year a theme.

If you’ve followed my blog for the last few years then you know I’m a very honest person. If something is awry in my life I will write about it in hopes to help other people on their journey. To me, these last few years have defined their own theme: The Storm(s). I am grateful for the lessons I learned and continue to learn from these years and am even more thankful for the ability to move into a new year with new promises and new lessons.

While any day is a good day for change, the beginning of a new year is a time for spiritual and emotional renewal. It is a time when I set goals, examine relationships, and revive my inner self. This year, I’m letting go of negativity, paying off debts, strengthening relationships, expanding IsrylDesigns and finishing my book, The Diva Diaries.

This is the year that the goals the storm tried to make me give up on, are RESTORED. This is the year that the relationships that the storm tried to destroy, are RESTORED. This is the year that the finances the storm tried to break down, are RESTORED. 

This year is the year of RESTORATION!

What will this year be for you?

The Diva 

Special thanks to Adrienne H. for the idea of theming my year.

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  1. You know I am! I have to do my part in making this year great and leave the rest to God! Have you made any resolutions?

  2. Hey Crystal, thanks for sharing this entry with me. You ARE a very honest writer. I believe there is a need for that in the literary world. I am happy for you and your commitment to make 2011 a restoration year for some of the things that may have suffered over the years prior. Keep writing and stay committed to the goal. Find new motivation when you notice yourself feeling drained or running on "E" as the expression goes. I'm glad to see you progressing and becoming the glorious God has ordained you to be. I hope we are able to work together in the near future. What a great thing that would be 😉

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