Top 10 Reasons Why We Love November


It is here! Yes, it is November. You know what that means? Gorgeous leaves, pumpkins, apple cider and Thanksgiving is upon us. And we are here for it all. The holiday season is our favorite season here at The Diva Inc. Magazine HQ and we want to share our top 10 reasons why.

  1. Fall Decorations – There is nothing like a great excuse to change up your decor. We are, of course, partial to pink pumpkins and glitter leaves, but even if you love the more traditional red/orange fall hues, there is something for everyone. Check out one of our favorite Youtubers MissLizHeart in this Fall Decor video for inspiration on how to enjoy a glamorous rustic fall.
  2. Apple Cider – Ha! You thought we were going to say Pumpkin Spice. 🙂 No Pumpkin Spice Lattes for us. We love a nice, hot cup of Apple Cider with a stick of cinnamon. Our Apple Cider of preference? Martinellis! The best Apple Cider made.
  3. Long Coats – We love a great looking, long, winter coat. Take a look at Lillian Yvette’s Instagram and learn how to effortlessly rock a long coat in beautiful California fall weather. Trench Coat
  4. Thanksgiving – This is our reminder to reflect on all of the amazing blessings we receive on a daily basis. We share this time of gratitude with loved ones or even celebrate on our own while remembering to be thankful for everything from the basics to the big blessings.  And let’s not forget that Thanksgiving also serves as our free pass to overindulge in a bountiful spread while wearing our stretchy pants!  Sweet potato pie, anyone?christmas table
  5. Candied Yams – The one time of year we can break our diets (see #7) and not care is the Holiday season. Enter the Candied Yams. Our Editor-in-Diva is from the south and candied yams on the table for Thanksgiving and Christmas is a must! Check out this recipe and video by Monique of Diva’s Can Cook and get your yam on!
  6. Holiday Cards – #prettymail We love receiving all of the Holiday cards and family photos. It is such an endearing time of year. But even better we love sending Christmas cards to friends near and far. What makes sending them even better is making them. That’s right. Last year, we handmade our Christmas cards using stickers from Michaels and it was the best feeling EVER! Each card was unique and specially made for the person that received it. Challenge yourself this year to handmake your Christmas cards. Don’t let the season go by without writing a handmade card to a loved one. And of course, send your Christmas cards out the first week of December because who waits until January to send out Christmas cards? Oh wait…we only did that once.pretty mail
  7. Breaking our Diets – (See #4 and #5) Our diets are going out of the window in place of some good Thanksgiving turkey and lots of Candied Yams. We will hit the gym with the rest of the New Year Resolution folks in January. See you there!
  8. Partaking in a Good Sale – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday: We are here for ALL of it! This is the time of year that sales abound. Of course, we want you to be safe while shopping. There is no need to get trampled over the 80″ TV that is advertised for $50. There was likely only one in stock anyway.
  9. Laughter, Friends + Family – Enjoy this time. With the day-to-day issues of life, sometimes we take for granted the power of a good laugh with friends and family. Settle any old issues with relatives or friends and be grateful for this time together. Share stories, listen to the elders, play games, and eat good food. Tomorrow will take care of itself. But during the holiday season, remember to put love first.
  10. Changing of the Season – God’s way of reminding you in nature that a change in season is a good thing. nature

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