How Dr. Keita Joy Inspires Women to Love God, Look Good and Take Over the World

image1Anxiety. Fear. Insecurities. These are common struggles that every woman, no matter their station in life, must confront and conquer to realize her purpose and dreams. And there is definitely a market ready to provide answers through countless seminars, webinars and books promising to coach women to reach their full potential. But, most miss the crucial spiritual foundation of what it takes to the get there: God.

That is what’s refreshing about Dr. Keita Joy Ductant’s “Fabulous & Faithful: 31-Day Devotional For The Successful Woman Who Wants To Love God, Look Good, And Take Over The World” In this no non-sense guide, Dr. Keita Joy starts with the heart by helping the reader uncover any insecurities or fears that have held them in complacency. What is genius, and I think truly divine about this devotional, is while women are working on learning or refocusing their entrepreneurial goals and purposes, they are also building a healthy spiritual foundation with God simultaneously. Each day Dr. Keita Joy shares her own vulnerabilities and insecurities – readily admitting her own shortcomings – and how she’s worked to overcome them. She challenges you with detailed questions to help you go beyond the surface and helps you plot action steps. Lastly, and most importantly, she backs these examples up with the Word of God.

And her walk matches her talk. While juggling her roles as a wife, mother of two small children, college professor, success coach and graduating with her Ph.D in Organizational Leadership and Human Services, she answered the call to write this devotional. I had a chance to sit down with Dr. Keita Joy in the midst of her busy schedule to discuss her Fabulous & Faithful Devotional and movement:

TDIM: Can you talk about the space mentally, emotionally or spiritually that you were in when the thought for the Fabulous & Faithful 31-Day Devotional came to mind?

Dr. Keita Joy: I got to a place in my life where I was tired of settling. I felt like as a Christian, I knew God loved me, I knew that He had BIG plans for me, but I wasn’t acting like it. I limited myself out of fear. I thought that going after your dreams and being a vessel for God on a bigger platform was out of my reach…until I started to cash in on my God benefits and take God at his word. I grew in my confidence. Even as a wife, mother, and career woman, I still battled insecurities and the feeling of being insignificant. It was as if I had an aha moment and from then, I had to share this with other women. That’s what you do when you love someone, you share, you empower, you encourage, you inspire, you give life. Fabulous & Faithful comes from that space.

TDIM: Why do you think there’s a need for the “Fabulous and Faithful” devotional?

Dr. Keita Joy: Women are like me. I knew that if I battled insecurities, lack of high self-esteem at times, high anxiety, and fears, I knew that other women were experiencing the same thing. We dress up our pain in suits, make up, and heels. It was time to live in our truth, walk unashamed, and reclaim our rightful place as God’s daughters. 

TDIM: What are you hoping your readers gain from the devotional? 

Dr. Keita Joy: I hope that my readers will understand that their worth comes from God, their purpose comes from God, and their beauty comes from God. I want women to learn the art of self care and that focusing on self care does not mean you are selfish. And then, oh and then, I want women to unleash the beast of magnificence that they are. I want them to be led by faith rather than fear and go after every goal, vision, and dream that is placed on their heart. I want all women to have true success!

Love God, look good, and take over the world.

TDIM: I’m inspired! What’s coming up next for you and the Fabulous & Faithful movement? 

Dr. Keita Joy: God is so awesome! I’m in the midst of wrapping up plans for the “Fabulous & Faithful” devotional launch party on August 20 in Orlando, Fla. I’m so grateful for the great responses and feedback for this project. I also wanted to let your readers know they can order a copy of the devotional on my website You’re right this truly is a movement, so also stay tuned for Fabulous & Faithful coaching program and for the fashionistas, Fabulous & Faithful tees are available for sale. I’m excited for all the things God will do through this movement and I can’t wait to see how what He’s going to do next!


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