Why Your Small Business Needs The People’s Voice PR Agency

Laci McKinney

There are so many moving parts to running a business–especially a small business. Often times small business owners become multitasking octopus balancing internal jobs like accounting, marketing, sales, and developing the vision for the business.

The all important job of brand development and creating a brand message can be lost under all the mundane tasks a CEO may undertake. So what can you do as a small business owner that has her hands full?

Hire a publicist.

But what actually does a publicist do and how can they help you?

According to Laci McKinney of The People’s Voice PR Agency, “The job of a publicist is to monitor the message of your brand, as well as what people are saying about the brand and find ways to reposition the brand message for relevancy and continued growth.”

Getting your voice, brand, service and/or product in front of your audience can be critical to your small business surviving and thriving in today’s economy. There are various ways to reach your audience and one of the most popular and cost efficient is social media.

But when you are fiercely focused on running your business the nuances of social media and opportunities to engage your audience may slip away.

“We make sure your message is out in front of your audience. We also make sure you are talking to the right audience and communicating efficiently. Nothing’s more frustrating for the brand than to orchestrate a message and no one responds. Publicists champion the vision of your brand, do you want to be known as the expert in your niche? We find ways to get you seen and develop a message around you being “Ms./Mr. Know It All” in your particular niche. We can be as vague or as fixed as you need us to  be –  whether it is growing your following, more revenue, new customers, a product launch or event,” says McKinney.

So why is it so important for you as a small business owner to hire a publicist?

“Small businesses, in particular, can benefit from having a publicist on their team so they can focus on the things they are good at. Often times a small business is just one solopreneur trying to do everything from website design, social media management to financials.  While you’re trying to web design, who is answering emails or managing social? You can’t be everywhere at one time so having a team is crucial to growth,” says McKinney.

We sat down with Laci to get her advice on PR affordability for small businesses, what lead her into PR, and when should small businesses hire a PR agency.

TDIM: At what point in business should you hire a PR Agent/Agency?

TPVPR: Quick question to get us all thinking on the same page. When you want to accomplish a goal, say a 5K, when do you start training? Do you start the day you have the idea to run the race or do you start to train the weekend before the race? I hope the answer is immediate. I think you get my point. 

My answer to you is when you have a clear set of objectives and vision, you should start to have a conversation with a PR pro to determine when you will begin to bring attention to your new idea. The attention could merely be an introduction of the brands solopreneurs passion for their new idea, how it will solve X, and who would benefit. Very small piece of the puzzle but the ROI is huge for a small business.

TDIM: Why should a small business owner invest in PR and is it affordable for them?

TPVPR: Public Relations for a small business is their competitive edge against the larger corporations. PR for a small business is meant to help the brand create an image and align the brand for long-term success.

Affordable, of course, you can customize {PR} your needs. If you need the whole shebang,  it’s going to be more expensive.  However, if you have a particular goal, then you specify and we {The People’s Voice PR Agency} customize the package accordingly.

TDIM: What advice do you have for business owners who are hesitant about hiring a PR Agent/Agency?

TPVPR: Hesitation is normal. The biggest question I get is, why do I need PR? My question to any business owner. Do you want to remain the best-kept secret or do you want me to assist you in multiplying your voice? I would think it is the later but if it’s not then you are welcomed to keep doing what you have been doing for your business. If you are ready to grow, then let’s talk.

TDIM: Should your PR agency be in the vicinity of your business?

TPVPR: Just as a virtual assistant, remote offices, and the creation of face time; you no longer have to be in the same vicinity to get things done. As a PR pro, you just have to have great research skills to find out about the brand and its social environmental factors, be a great communicator and understand the vision of the brand. The rest of the PR activities fall in line with any other brand that may be in your same vicinity.

TDIM: What led you to start The People’s Voice PR Agency?

TPVPR: Obviously, I really enjoyed working as a PR rep for Mahogany Blues Swimwear which was a driving factor to turn my found passion into a business. Isn’t that how most businesses are started? You have a passion, you find your calling or you take skills from your 9 to 5. I did all 3. There was a lot of self-doubts, and it doesn’t get any easier the more you grow your business but I love what I do. I love turning someone else’s vision into a reality.


TDIM: Why did you pursue a career in PR?

TPVPR: To be honest, I think the job found me. My love for fashion landed me in the role of a fashion styling assistant, I believe this was 2011 or 2012. Forgive me I have slept since then. I’ll tell you anyone that works as a stylist assistant knows about the long hours behind the stage at fashion shows, on the set of photo shoots and the work you put in to make the connections; well PR isn’t different just a varying course of action. My first client, I worked with, Whitney Bracey of Mahogany Blues Swimwear, the original connection was to do styling for her photoshoots but it turned into so much more. She had a need and I filled in, writing press releases and reaching out to magazine editors. At that time I hadn’t put a name to the job, I was just helping out with tasks that weren’t being done for the brand. After the job ended, I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to continue in PR or go back to styling but I knew I really enjoyed the PR part of it and was pretty good at it.


TDIM: What is unique about The People’s Voice PR Agency and how can readers get in touch with you?

TPVPR: I’m obsessed with storytelling! Who are you and why are you in the business you are in? I like to focus on who is behind the brand and why they do the work they do. I believe this brings about the connection with their audience and then you begin to talk about the what (your product).

The People’s Voice PR Agency just launched their new site on August 5th. Click here to visit the new site. To contact Laci McKinney directly email laci@thepeoplesvoicepr.com. Visit The People’s Voice PR on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter .

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