InfiknitiDesign: Knitwear Made With Infinite Love

essentials-2We are so excited to continue our series of women business owners and would like to introduce you to InfiknitiDesign.

InfitknitiDesign was started by Rahkia Nance, a graduate of Florida A&M University and a Northern Virginia resident. Nance started InfiknitiDesign about three years ago due to a government shutdown that gave her a little more time to explore her creative side. With this time on her hands, she decided to try out a knitting class at a local yarn shop and fell in love with the art of knitting.

Each InfiknitiDesign piece is so intricate that depending on the style it could take anywhere from a few hours to a week to make. Nance, to date, has never made the same item twice. Which means that anyone walking around in an InfiknitiDesign is wearing a one-of-a-kind art piece.

The Diva Inc. Magazine sat down with Nance to discuss her love for knitting, where we can pick up a scarf or two (because hey…winter is coming soon and we love to look fashionable) and what advice she has for crafty entrepreneurs.

TDIM: What made you fall in love with knitting?

ID: I’ve always been drawn to creative outlets–music, writing, dance, etc. What I love about knitting is the infinite possibility. There is a world of color, texture and technique to explore, and the journey is fascinating!

TDIM: What can buyers expect from Infikniti Design?
ID: Unique products with flair. To date, I’ve never made the same item twice. I also enjoy making items that truly suit the customer’s personality. 

TDIM: How long have you been knitting and where did you learn the art?
ID: I learned how to knit about three years ago when I was on furlough. Remember the federal government shutdown a few years back? I was affected by that for a few days. There were hundreds of thousands of government workers who couldn’t go to work. Quite a few local businesses opened their doors to offer their services for free or at a discount. I saw that a local yarn shop was offering free knitting lessons, so I stopped by to check it out. I ended up finding a wonderful group of people, folks I could commiserate with, and hobby that I truly love. 

TDIM: Do you have any advice for crafty business owners who want to sell their handmade and often one-of-a-kind pieces to a broad audience?
ID: My advice is to view every interaction as an opportunity. Yes, social media is a wonderful tool and important for marketing, but nothing takes the place of developing and cultivating relationships through face-to-face interaction. Also, during the fall and winter, I turn myself into a walking billboard, so to speak. I wear scarves and hats that I’ve made, and when people ask where I got it, it’s the perfect segue into talking about InfiknitiDesign. I’d also encourage business owners to seek out strategic partnerships. 

TDIM: Where can The Diva Inc. Magazine readers purchase Infikniti Design?
ID: Items are available for sale at

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