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Nikki Kathryn Planner bindersWe stumbled upon Nikki Kathryn on Instagram while looking through the planner hashtag a while ago. If you follow The Diva Inc. Magazine on IG, you know that we love all things planning + organizing. Nikki Kathryn’s binders, notepads, paper clips and inserts are beautifully designed to help you live a well-planned life. We love her girly + chic style and we love that her style is also edgy. With Nikki Kathryn, you can be fashionable while getting your life/business organized.

We wanted to know more about the lady behind the brand, what we could look forward to from Nikki Kathryn Designs, and how staying focused is key to running a successful creative business so we sat down to chat with Nikki Kathryn.

TDIM: How long have you been obsessed with planners and what led you to loving them so much?

NK: I have loved “organizing” since I got my first Caboodles when I was a kid. I remember it was bright blue with silver glitter and a hot pink closure. As an adult, this love of organization just naturally translated into planning. I also have a love of fashion and pretty things, so leather planners were made for me. 

TDIM: What is your favorite planner accessory in the Nikki Kathryn Boutique Planners & Accessories shop?

NK: Definitely my black and white striped A5 planner. This was really why I started Nikki Kathryn. I’m obsessed with black and white everything and “needed” a striped planner. This is just such a classic and chic style that’ll always be in fashion. 

Nikki Kathryn Gold and Black & White striped A5 Binders
Photos courtesy of Nikki Kathryn Designs

TDIM: How do you feel planning helps people succeed in life?

NK: Before Nikki Kathryn, I was working as an accountant and CPA with small businesses. Toward the end, I was almost exclusively working on business planning for start ups. I saw first hand how much planning could help business owners achieve their dreams, because it helped them focus their energy in the right places. 

TDIM: In a world with technology at our fingertips, why do you think it’s important to physically write down your to-do’s in a planner vs. in a calendar app?

NK: This is such a great question! Even as technically advanced [the world is] the paper planning community is growing exponentially. I think it would make for a great case study at a University. I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe people love to be able to see what they’re planning all laid out. There’s also a creative aspect for people who like to decorate their pages. I believe this tangible creative planning is an outlet for people and that’s why so many are drawn to it. 

TDIM: Nikki Kathryn Boutique Planners & Accessories shop has planner binders, planner inserts, dashboards and fun accessories. What new and fun items can planner lovers expect from Nikki Kathryn Designs in the near future?

NK: Lots of new prints and pops of color! We are really looking to infuse the planning community with fashionable designs – designs you’d typically see on your favorite handbag. I mean this is, in my humble opinion, your most important accessory, so it should be gorgeous. We’ve also got a new personal-size [binder] coming out that I’m so excited for.

TDIM: What advice do you have for creative entrepreneurs who would like to follow in your footsteps?

NK: This is going to sound so basic, but I think one of the most important things is to make sure you’re selling something people really want, before you jump all in. When you’re in a position where your customers are seeking you out, rather than you frantically searching for them, you will be off to a fantastic start. 

TDIM: What is the hardest thing about running a creative business?

NK: For me it’s staying focused, which is why planning is essential. As a creative person, I am always dreaming up new products and ideas I want to bring to life. This isn’t always a bad thing, but if you’re constantly creating, you’re not giving your business the care it deserves. Reigning in a little bit of that creativity has allowed my business to grow, but it’s a constant struggle trying to decide when to try new things and when to stay the course. For example, I have, in my mind, designed the most perfect tote bag for planner girls. [It is] so organized and beautiful and has pockets and pencil holders galore, but I’m waiting for the right time to release it. I set a goal [for myself that] when I have 10,000 Instagram followers I’ll release my first tote bag – I’ve got a ways to go! Tote bags are a bigger investment and a more saturated market to sell in, so the responsible side of me knows it’s best to wait until I have a bigger following. Stay tuned! 

TDIM: Please tell The Diva Inc. Magazine readers where they can purchase Nikki Kathryn and how they can find you online.

NK: Right now [while supplies last] I’ve got a mega clearance sale going on, as I make room for my newest and biggest Fall release. You can shop the sale in my ETSY shop I also sell on my own website at

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