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D. Elle Sings

Nu Sound: D.Elle to Perform New Single Metamorphosize at Essence Fest 2016

Soulful. Light. Vulnerable. Metamorphic.

A new lyrical visionary has emerged. She has been preparing for this moment. The moment where dreams meet hard work and opportunity. The moment where you meet a different side of you through her music.

This beauty is taking you through her journey of self discovery through music. And you are going to love it. She is what the industry needs. A woman with a message. A purpose. An inner determination that is manifesting itself through sound.

Meet D.Elle.

I’m still uncovering and discovering my sound. At this moment, my sound is bright, big, relatable, soulful, inspiring and it feels good. My sound is a reflection of where and who I am at this moment – fluid, evolving, unfolding and constantly shifting.

We asked D.Elle all about her musical inspirations, her first single Metamorphosize and her upcoming performance at the Essence Festival.

TDIM: What is missing in the music industry today and how is D. Elle going to fill that gap?
D.ELLE: What I feel is needed in the music industry is a reflection of what is needed in society and the world at large – more integrity, more vulnerability, more love, more acceptance, more joy, more soul, more depth and range of experiences and emotions, more simplicity, more authenticity, more voices and perspectives, more focus, more healing, more forgiveness, more trust, more gentleness, more strength, more grace, more discipline, more commitment, more fun, more laughter. Balance. I intend to do the only thing I can do, which is to be these things for and within myself first and by so doing, allow it to ripple outwards. That is how we each fill those gaps: We become what we seek. We become that which we feel is missing and/or needed.

TDIM: When you sat down to create your album what did you want to present to the music industry?
D.ELLE: I didn’t have the music industry on my mind per se when creating my album. I had my experiences on my mind, what I was feeling at the time, and the realization that I could share all of this through music. I’ve always loved to sing and write; I didn’t always trust myself to do both, simultaneously, let alone share it with people outside of my immediate circles, yet in recent years I strengthened my confidence to do just that. So, in creating this album, I wanted to create another platform through which I could connect with people.

TDIM: Prince is one of your musical inspirations. How has his life and death propelled you forward in your pursuit of music?
D.ELLE: The rather interesting thing is that on April 15, the day of Prince’s emergency jet landing, I was in the studio recording a few songs for my upcoming EP album. We took a break and I went to my phone; on my News Feed I saw the TMZ article that referenced the emergency landing and mentioned Prince being diagnosed with “flu-like symptoms.” I said aloud, “Alright Prince…get it together! I don’t have time for you transitioning. God knows I cannot deal with that. At all.” I felt some relief when later in the article it mentioned that he was fine and back at Paisley Park. I remember thinking that day that I couldn’t wait to meet him – a dream of mine has always been to sit in the same room with him and soak up his presence and being – and I felt deep within that he would like my music. I grew up listening to Prince and paid close attention to how he crafted his lyrics, his composition and arrangement of the music, and I loved the way I felt every time I listened to his music. I desire for people to feel when they listen to my music, and a huge part of that is inspired by my experience of Prince’s music.
His life and death are inspiring in that he was true, available and committed to the expression and sharing of his gift. He gave his all to his gift, even when it may not have initially made sense to others around him and/or the world at large. He was the definition of being unapologetic. His life and death have propelled me forward in being true, available and committed to my gift of music and being unapologetic in sharing it without fear of what people might think, say and otherwise. His life and death have reminded me of the huge responsibility we all have to honor and see to the fullest expression of who we are, and the necessity to be fearless in our expression of who we are.

TDIM: We are loving the message of your first single Metamorphosize. It speaks to the encouragement that we all need to give ourselves. It’s a beautifully crafted pep talk – a new coming of age song. What are you trying to convey to listeners through your music?

D.ELLE: Thank you! I am grateful you are enjoying it. Metamorphosize is a song that is dear to my heart for many reasons and I’m very much still living this song – sometimes I’m living the first verse and sometimes, I’m living the second verse. It’s all interesting to behold! More than anything, I am conveying vulnerability through my music. The vulnerability it takes to believe in yourself, the vulnerability it takes to be in relationship with self and with another, the vulnerability it takes to stand up for something bigger than you, and the vulnerability required to trust the process. Vulnerability, love and inspiration are the threads that run through my music and hold it all together.

TDIM: You are performing for the first time at the Essence Festival on the Wal-Mart stage in the Convention Center this weekend in New Orleans. How excited are you and what can audience goers expect from your performance?
D.ELLE: EEEEEK!!! I am very excited although my mind still hasn’t quite caught up with the fact that I’m performing there this weekend! I think it will hit me full on once I get there. I’m almost certain that I’ll have a moment where I will say to myself, “This is really happening!” (Laughs) The audience can expect to experience D. Elle, my heart, my sound, and connection. They can expect to have a feel-good time and walk away with a new favorite artist ☺

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  1. I soooo Love her! This is my Freshman sister and she has ALWAYS had a BEAUTIFUL SOUL.. I wish they made more people like her! I love you and wish you nothing but success on this journey.

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