Decor Diva: 3 Pearls to Creating A Fabulous Space Pt. 2

Decor Diva


Decor Diva

Decor Diva: 3 Pearls to Creating A Fabulous Space Pt. 2

So now you know the look and feel that you want because you took the time to research.

Don’t bring out the plastic just yet. It’s time to get organized. First set your budget. There’s absolutely no point to perusing all those websites to save money from impulse buying, then to blow it without setting a limit on how much decorating will set you back. Even if you’re only improving a nook in your apartment or home, set a budget that’s reasonable for you. And, if you’re decorating project is on a larger scale and more intricate space to decorate plan on your organization to take a little longer. The hubs and I are in the middle of decorating a living room, a simple project to him. For me? Not so much. More on tips for larger project later. But organization is key.

Now that you’ve organized your budget, it’s time to organize your layout. The temptation for stocking up on “unbelievable” thingamabobs on clearance is still there. Put that decorative pillow back. This is time to look at the big picture, like paint, flooring (if that’s a part of your project), furniture and curtains.

I know this is difficult, especially for divas, who are usually detail-oriented. But before you start layering in the pillows, vases and such, your design foundation has to be on point.

Paint: That paint color you saw on Pinterest, go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and get a sample of it, along with a few other colors to make sure that’s what you want. Then look at it in the day and night. Doing this will run you about $9 or $10, but it’s so much better than buying gallons of paint that you end up hating right?

Flooring: Flooring comes in samples too. And curtains can be returned, but make sure to make sure your curtains work with the paint first. I do this by painting swatches of the different colors along the curtain to make doubly sure.Furniture: Depending on your style and budget you can find chic furniture at every price range.

When I moved into my first apartment I found an awesome couch for $200 at an Ashley’s backroom. Search decent thrift store too. But make sure you’re okay with second hand things and you purchase it from a reputable thrift store. I’m at the point in life where I cherish quality over price, so I snagged a nice sofa from Macy’s for about $600.  That may be on the higher end for those on a budget, but still very reasonable for a nice couch.

Curtains, window treatments: You have freedom here to shop. Curtains are reasonable inexpensive even if you have expensive taste. Target always has them on sale, try WalMart and if you’re really creative look to Pin for some awesome DIY projects.

The foundation for your Diva Queen-dom has been laid. Check in to see how to make it all come together.


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