Fighting toward the Goal


I’m once again so excited to share this issue with you. Every month I aim to bring you exciting articles that you will enjoy reading and want to pass along to your friends. This month I feel is one of the best issues (there has only been three) but who is counting. 🙂

The writers for the Faith and Encouragement departments have shared their testimonies each issue and I know it has helped me on my journey. It is my sincere hope that it helps you on yours.

My goal for this blogazine is to provide a magazine with a blog feel that supports the total woman: beauty, brains, health and spirit. I am grateful to you, my readers, for helping me with transitioning from personal blog to magazine. There are some amazing writers in this issue and we have more to come.

Feel free to email with any suggestions or to let us know articles you liked and what you want to see next.


Crystal-Marie “The Diva” Mitchell

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