The Struggle to Have Children…The Faith to Believe in God

The Road to Faith
The Road to Faith

There is a 50% chance you can never have children. These were the words my doctor told me, in June 2012, when I learned I had 16 uterine fibroids most of which were quite large. I was 35 with no children but had always dreamed of having a family.

As a teacher, I am surrounded daily with bright-eyed children whose faces yearn for knowledge and whose hugs remind me of how great motherhood could be. Will this dream be just deferred or not meant to be? My surgery was scheduled for November 16, 2012. However, I was placed in a 4-month state of temporary menopause and had to endure 3 self-donations of blood in preparation for the surgery. I now have much respect for women with hot flashes and insomnia.

I had fans blowing in 50 degree weather and my sheets were constantly thrown off. My mindset was uneasy at best during this time. Imagine having to continue your daily activities knowing that in a few months a life changing decision would be made for you. But through it all, I always had a feeling that things were going to be fine.

I knew what the doctors told me about my high chances of having a hysterectomy, but what did God say? After an 8 hour surgery and a team of 4 doctors, I emerged from surgery very groggy and unaware of my surroundings with one question: “Do I still have my uterus?” The answer was yes!

The lesson: When God shows you who He is, believe Him. 

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