Bee Unique. Bee Fly. Bee You.: AbeilleCreations Launches Online Jewelry Company

It is always a pleasure to come across women who are following their dreams. Recently, AbeilleCreations, an online jewelry company, launched. We were able to connect with its creator, Melissa Mitchell. We admire her use of colors and shapes to express her unique style and creativity in her jewelry and were able to interview her about the launch of AbeilleCreations. 

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
A: I derive my inspiration from colors, shapes, and a variety of textures. While I paint, I listen to inspirational music and meditate. When I come out of my “space”, I begin to go into a design frenzy. I really leave the designs up to chance. I just pick up various pieces of metal, wood, other materials and let them come together to create one mini work of art.

Q: Who is your favorite fashion icon and Why?
A: My favorite fashion icon would have to be a mix of a few. I love Betsey Johnson, Marilyn Monroe, and Claire Huxtable. I know this is an interesting mix but I have my reasons. I love Betsey Johnson because she unapologetically uses colors and prints to express her fashion mood. She creates pieces that look like wearable art. I love Marilyn Monroe because she became a fashion icon by accident. She never sought to be a sex symbol; she just wanted to be happy. She lived a very interesting life but in photos, she delivered a deep sensuality with a hint of mystery. I love Claire Huxtable because she remains the quintessential symbol of femininity. She was a career woman that dressed with subtle flair. I believe that I possess a little of all three of these women. My fashion voice is one that speaks with great expression, but riddled with mystery. I aim to wear pieces that tell a story while making a bold statement.

Q: Name 5 things women should have in their purse at all times.
A: Lip gloss, mirror, subtle fragrance, gum/mint, cell phone charger

Q: Where did the name Abeille Creations come from?
A: The name Abeille Creations came to me while brainstorming one evening. My first name (Melissa) means “Honey Bee” in Arabic. Since I was little, I have always been pegged as an over achiever and a hard worker. My parents said that as a child I always worked in my own little world, similar to that of a honeybee. It seems that I have always been true to my name. When it was time to name my company, I wanted something indicative of my work ethic and my personality. I thought on the idea for two days. Finally after great research, I landed on the French meaning of bee “Abeille”. I fell in love with the way the name rolled off of my tongue. I immediately designed a logo and came up with our slogan, “Bee Unique. Bee Fly. Bee You.” I want each person wearing my earrings to feel liberated to stand out and just be.

Q: What made you decide to start a jewelry line?
A: I started this earring line by mistake. I selected a very bright and fashion forward outfit for my birthday and I searched HIGH and LOW for the perfect earring. To no avail, I found not one earring that fit the “look” that I was going for. So on my birthday eve, I ventured over to Hobby Lobby to find wood, paint and earring pieces. Like magic, I created a piece I fell in love with. I made two extra pair for the rest of my birthday weekend. For the three days I wore my own earrings, I was stopped left and right by fellow “out of the box” fashion lovers. I was compelled to go back into my creative space to create more looks. Over three weeks, I begin to make 165 unique pieces of art. What started as a solution to a fashion dilemma is now a full fledged company.

Q: Describe the inspiration behind your one-of-a-kind earrings.
A: I wanted to create unique pieces of art. Each piece is indicative the creative space that I may have been in during one particular time. I wanted my customers to feel like something is directly speaking to them and for them. After a long day, they can get dolled up with minimal makeup and a pair of my creations and feel like a million bucks.

Q: Three words to describe yourself as a designer?
A: Innovative. Deliberate. Passionate

Q: How would you describe your clothing style?
A: I would certainly describe my fashion style as chic, daring and feminine. I like to celebrate being a woman with curves while being a bit “out of the box”. I don’t like to look like everyone else or follow trends. I rather ride my own wave. I shop heavily at consignment shops and thrift stores. I appreciate designers from the past. They possessed the ability to showcase the female figure without being too much.

Q: How did you prepare yourself for starting a business?
A: To adequately prepare myself for any new venture I pray, meditate, and ask questions. I seek the advice of fellow entrepreneurs and I do research online.

Q: What advice would you give to women who are hesitating to start a business?
A: I think we should all take a leap of faith at least once in our lives. The greatest failure is to not try at all. I have done other businesses in the past that have done extremely well in the beginning and then slowed down towards the end. I didn’t get discouraged because I realized I tried. I was able to inspire someone else to follow his or her dreams. There is no harm in at least trying. I made one sale on Monday before my company went public and I immediately began to cry. I thought to myself that I almost missed out on a dream because of self-doubt. I immediately told myself that there was nothing I couldn’t do or have. I urge women to adopt that same mantra. We must all try to do something outside our comfort zone to achieve the dreams we want.

Q: What can we look forward to from Abeille Creations? Necklaces, bracelets, a clothing line…?
A: In the future, I hope to branch out into a variety of items. I am already beginning to design necklaces, rings, belts and clothing. I want my company to represent the average girl with an above fashion voice.

To purchase one-of-a-kind earring art from AbeilleCreations visit and tell them The Diva Diaries Blogazine sent you. Follow her on instagram @abeillecreations or email for custom orders.


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