April/May Issue

This month’s issue is extremely special to me. First, it is my birthday month and I am excited to be achieving one of my goals before I turn 30. Turning the blog into a blogazine (blog + magazine) is something I’ve been working toward for the last year.

I want to give you different perspectives and bring a fresh outlook to the blogazine. You will find that the contributors in this issue are very passionate and open. This is what its about for me. It’s my passion. I want to connect women with the encouragement they need to succeed.

A few months ago, I was in a great relationship that turned bad pretty quickly. I thought life was beginning and just like that I felt as though it was ending. So truly celebrating my 30th birthday seemed like a distant dream. But now my birthday is 6 days away and I am looking forward to it. Partly because you my dear readers have been so supportive of the blog. You are amazing! The other part is that the closer that I get to turning 30, the more motivated I am to finish some of the projects I put off.

The first project that I am happy to say is finished is The Diva Diaries Reflections Journal. This lined journal is primed for explosive thoughts to be poured out on its 90+ pages. Write yourself affirmations, reflect on your daily path or sketch out that idea you have been dreaming about.

Visit our new SHOP page to purchase the journal.

I hope that you enjoy this month’s issue! As always I love to hear feedback. Leave a comment for our contributors or email info@thedivainc.com.

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