Book Review: LEAN IN


“…I fear that women will continue to sacrifice being liked for being successful.” -from the book Lean In

Rating: Cheers to

Author: Sheryl Sandberg

Page Count: 228

What our editors had to say:

I am finally sitting down to read this book and I must say that it is confirming some of the things I’ve known and felt for a while. Women are subjected to the way society believes they should behave and if we deviate from that then we are less likely to be liked in the workplace. The Lean In movement is one that I hope catches on and helps to create an environment where the girls and women are not afraid to reach their full potential in the workplace.

Have you read Lean In? What are your thoughts on the words women, leadership and ambition?

*rating explanation

~ Cheers To = 4-5 stars

~ Maybe = 3 stars

~ We’ll pass = 2 stars and below

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