Decor Diva: 3 Pearls to Creating A Fabulous Space Pt. 3

Decor Diva

Decor Diva: 3 Pearls to Creating A Fabulous Space Pt. 3

After you’ve bought the essentials for your space: curtains, furniture, paint, etc; my advice is to layout the room first. Put the couch or furniture where you want it, put the curtains up and paint if you’ve chosen a new color.
Now it’s time to start looking for those things that make a diva’s house a home. Home accents – the vase, the pillows – these are the little things that give your space personality. And this can be done on the cheap. Here’s a tip from my best friend Pin (i.e. Pinterest) for Target sales. The markdown date for housewares at Target is Thursday. You’re welcome.

You’re excited to get everything together now and that’s fine.
But while you’re working to give that new space personality, remember to have patience. Yes, patience.

Let’s back track just a little. When you make your purchases, make sure you’re familiar with the store’s refund policy. Do you have 30 days? Do you get a store credit for a return?
This is good information to know, especially when your purchase doesn’t work for your place.Now back to patience.

Here are some scenarios that you’ll have to be patient to make a really dynamic space to call your own:

It just doesn’t work.
Sometimes you get a piece and what you envisioned isn’t the reality, and that’s OK.
You may have to regroup. And that takes patience, because now you have a delay. Keep looking; you’ll come across the right pieces that work.

You change your mind.
Yikes, there is a bad side to researching and organizing… if you’re really meticulous and take your time sometimes the style you want actually changes. It’s happened to me. I doubt the whole concept changes, just bits and pieces, but it can make you go back to the drawing board.

You have trouble finding exactly what you want.
You have that perfect look in your mind in you’ve scoured every shop you can think of looking for pieces to make it complete. Relax and take your time. The joy in decorating (and shopping for that matter) being pleasantly surprised and finding things unexpectedly. In the meantime, don’t give up on your design. Substitute some cheap pieces that you can live with until you find the perfect pieces to complete the look. Or… why not create that thing that you’ve been dreaming about. Again, Pin can help you bring it to life. There’s literally thousands of Pins and website dedicated to making tables, chairs, paintings, vases, so why not try your hand at it?

Life gets in the way.
And finally, sometimes life happens. Nothing sucks more than researching, setting your budget and organizing, than to have something come up where you have to move your decorating moolah to something else. Like recently, I lost my job, so any money my hubs and I had saved is now going to keep us afloat. And honestly the last thing we’re thinking about is the living room. But once we get settled, my mind will go back to day dreaming about just what pieces will make our space special.

Remember, decorating is a process. You’ll come across speed bumps, but remember the fun in decorating is that it’s temporary. You have the freedom to change your mind. Just like you change your look, you have the right to change yours.

So go forth! Research, organize and be patient and you’ll have a diva space that screams personality in no time.


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