Business Spotlight: Textures Natural Hair Care™

Textures Natural Hair Care™

How can I control my life when I can’t control my hair?  ~Author Unknown

When your hair is right your life is right. Right?

It seems so according to the astonishing numbers reported in this Huffington Post article about how much the black hair care industry is worth. The article, written in 2014 by Antonia Opiah projects that in 2017 the hair industry will have reached a whopping $761 million.

So what does this mean for you? It means that there are a plethora of hair products saturating the market thus making it a must to do research on which product is best for your hair type.

That is the problem Charlene Walton, of TexturedTalk™, set out to solve with Textures Natural Hair Care™. “We’re definitely one of the best resources for research and products in terms of natural hair because we focus on education first,” says Charlene.

TexturedTalk™ was started to be a one-stop shop for consumers due to the plethora of natural hair care products in the market and conflicting blogger/vlogger reviews.

Education is the key to healthy hair whether you are natural, relaxed, have 3a waves or 4c coils. Our focus on quality educational content sets the foundation for a woman to be able to apply it anywhere she goes or if she decides to follow styling tips of another amazing vlogger on Youtube.”

We sat down with Walton to get an idea of the products she offers in her shop, her advice for budding hair industry entrepreneurs an what is next for Textures Natural Hair Care™.

TDIM: How do you stay on top of new trends in natural hair care as well as new products to present to your readers?
TT: Social media! Instagram and Youtube are the top social media platforms to search and just be aware of new trends and products. In addition to following other bloggers, I follow a ton of hair care brands to make sure I’m keeping up with what’s new. As a business owner I also have a subscription to the Beauty Store Business quarterly publication to keep up with industry news. I like to know what’s happening in every aspect of the beauty and hair care world.

TDIM: What type of vetting goes into choosing the natural hair care products that Textures Natural Hair Care™ sells?
TT: Ingredients are the number one priority. We only partner with brands who are serious about formulating products with quality, high performance ingredients, most which are silicone, mineral oil and paraben free. We also happily accept vegan brands – those are my personal favorite! Second to ingredients is track record in the natural hair community and how well the products work on a variety of natural hair textures. The third and final factor is current distribution channels. Although this has become a bit of a challenge since more small brands are now obtaining large distribution deals with Sally’s & Target, the truth is; there are still tons of amazing brands that will never see the shelves of Target. Quite frankly, there are a lot of brands who have no desire for that type of distribution. We like to provide products that aren’t easily found in big box stores as well as a few popular brands in order to make your shopping experience easier.

TDIM: You followed your dream and started your business while running a blog and still working a 9-5. What keeps you motivated and was there any point where you thought you would give up?
TT: As cliche as it sounds, my passion for hair care keeps me motivated (in addition to my bills!). But seriously my vision and long term goals are the things I constantly think about so there’s no way I can even think about giving up. However, there are definitely times I think to myself “what the hell am I doing?!”. I think everyone has those moments every now and then. But, I never thought that I would give up, not once. Things are rough, I have my business ups and downs like everyone else, but the mere thought of giving up is not an option. I’m a firm believer of speaking things into existence, so I don’t even let the idea of giving up creep into my head.

TDIM: Preach! What were some of the challenges you faced when you started TexturedTalk™?
TT: The biggest challenge was actually believing in myself and trusting that I could create a successful blog. Often we are our own worst critic. Originally I started blogging in 2010 but stopped because I felt I didn’t have a voice. When I started to blog again in 2014 I just told myself to go for it! I also built and created my blog myself, no website developer or anything so that was definitely one of the technical challenges.

TDIM: What helped you overcome the fear and continue to pursue your dream?
TT: Facing my fears head on – that’s the only way. Scared to start a blog? Publish a post. Sit back. And now realize how it wasn’t so bad. Want to start a business? Create a plan and just start. Learn along the way and realize there is no set journey for success. Everyone has to follow their own path. You learn by doing. Not by sitting back and being paralyzed by fear. Just start!

“A high amount of followers and likes does not exactly mean all of those people are converting into sales.”

TDIM: Amen Sister! What advice do you have for other women entrepreneurs who are in or aspire to be in the hair care industry?
TT: My top tips are always to have a solid marketing plan and be authentic! The transition from casual blogger to business woman has been an interesting transition. I see everything through a different lense now. Before you do anything, have a sharp focus on who your target market is, how they shop, where they shop, etc. Don’t assume. Don’t go by everything you see on social media either as far as numbers. A high amount of followers and likes does not exactly mean all of those people are converting into sales. With any business, not just beauty, having a solid marketing plan is key. My tip is to spend more time on that versus stressing over brand colors and logos. Also know your stuff! Be knowledgeable, do your research so you can speak from facts.

TDIM: Textures Natural Hair Care™ is in the running for the FedEx Small Business Grant. Congratulations! How would winning help you to continue to pursue your dreams with Textures Natural Hair Care™?
TT: Wow so many ways! For starters we definitely want to expand inventory and bring on more amazing brands. That’s the core of our mission to ease the shopping hassle for women of multi textured hair; so more brands are needed. Second, receiving the FedEx Small Business grant would help us in creating a tailored shopping experience based on hair texture and need. I would love for our e-commerce experience to offer customized product suggestions based on each customer’s unique hair profile. Grant funds will also be used for marketing initiatives and to help us secure our first storefront location here in Dallas, Texas.

“Offering products through is the cherry on top because women can get everything they need without having to leave the site.”

Vote for Textures Natural Hair Care™ now through June 13. You can vote once per 24 hour period. Click here to vote: FedEx Small Business Grant.

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