DIY | Awesome Baby Shower Decor | Diaper Cake

We are always so excited to do DIY projects even though time can be an issue. But this diaper cake takes under 30 minutes to make and it is great decor for your friend or coworker’s baby shower.

What you will need:

  • A box of diapers (Huggies Winnie the Pooh shown here)
  • Pretty Ribbon (themed for the sex of the baby and the style of the diapers)
  • Rubber bands (various sizes)

Diaper Cake - Pinterest Pic

Step 1: Take one of the diapers and fold it inside out.

Step 2: Place rubber band around folded diaper. This will be your inside of the cake tier.

Diaper Cake - Step 1 & 2










Step 3: Spread out five (5) diapers or more depending on the size of the cake you want to make.

Diaper Cake - Step 3










Step 4: Wrap the five diapers around the diaper from step 2.











Step 5: Repeat this step until you have a pretty large tier 1. Increase the diaper count by 1-2 for each time around.











Step 6: Repeat steps 1-5 for each tier of the cake. For each subsequent tier lessen the number of rounds you do. This way your tier two is smaller than your tier one and your tier three is smaller than your tier two.

Step 7: Tie a ribbon around each tier. (It is especially nice to hide the rubber band) Alternating ribbon colors optional.


Voilá! You have a beautiful and practical gift for your next baby shower invitation.


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