Make Your New Year Goals Happen in 2015

It’s been less than three full months since we kicked off 2015 and already we are slipping back into our old ways. We kicked off January 1 with a new attitude like we do every year and now here we are. We still haven’t made it to the gym. That project we said we were going to do is on the back burner and we have yet to try that new hairstyle. Sound like the story of your life? 2015 is supposed to be better than 2014, right? Then we have to stay fired up about our goals and get around the people who will help keep us accountable.

I personally feel more fired up than ever and am knocking out goals left and right. But this didn’t come easy. I had to be PURPOSEFUL (Read: 2015 The Year of Power & Purpose)  about the goals I set this year and how I am going to keep the motivation for making them happen and I want to share with you how I am doing that.

Power Sheets

Powersheets2Lara Casey is the creator of these AMAZING goal setting worksheets. They are really easy to get started with but take a lot of work filling out. You have to really think about what matters and what you want to make happen. What is great about the Power Sheets is they last for six months and have a three month goal refresh page. This keeps you in touch with your goals and allows you to restructure them mid way through if you need to. I absolutely loved the What Fires You Up sheets. It was where I can brain dump all of my ideas. The sky is the limit. I let out everything that gets me excited and what I want to do in the future that even thinking of today gets me fired up!

Lara Casey is also the author of the book, Make It Happen, which is on our #divasreading52 book list for this year. Review coming soon.

Accountability Partners

Get with a small group of two to three like-minded people who can support you while you are working toward your goals. You can have multiple groups for different areas of your life or if you can find that those same people can speak to all of the areas in your life, Great! I have an a group of women who are also entrepreneurs who I meet with on average once a month. We all have our projects and are tasked with keeping each other accountable for certain portions of those projects. However, I have different accountability partners for that I call on for prayer or constructive rebuke. There are also ones that I call on to help me with my health goals. Your accountability partners do not necessarily have to be your closest friend. In some cases, especially in some business cases, it can be better that they are not. But they do have to have a common goal and an interest in helping you achieve your goals.

Motivational Media

Follow devotional by Naptime DiariesIt is so important to fill your mind with motivation so that you can achieve all of the goals you set out to. With social media being one of the major distractions for some it can also be a source of inspiration for others. Who are you following? Do they motivate you, inspire you or encourage you in some way to pursue your goals? I’ve found a lot of great profiles on Instagram that help me to stay focused in certain areas of my life. I found the Naptime Diaries Shop on Instagram and purchased their Follow devotional. It is an amazing devotional and I am so glad to have found them. This is helping me with my spiritual goals. The Day Designer is another one of my favorite products of inspiration. (Read the full review of The Day Designer). The Day Designer helps keep me organized and provides a place where I can keep track of my to-dos, gratitude and weekly accomplishments. There are so many other accounts to follow I may have to do a Instagram follow roundup in another post. The social media profiles that you follow can either be a time suck or a motivator. So make sure that the people/businesses you follow are inspiring you in some way.


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