31 Days of Prayer for The Dreamer & The Doer {Book Review}

How can anything where over 31 women unite to create something purposeful be anything but amazing? That is what 31 Days of Prayer for The Dreamer & The Doer is – amazing!

The Well StudioThis devotional is for the do-it-all women business owners who want to further their business and grow their spirit. Each prayer is written by a woman who has dreams, is living a full life and wants to do it God’s way.

31 Days of Prayers for The Dreamer & The Doer is curated by the ladies behind The Well Studio, Jenn Sprinkle + Kelly Rucker.

“The {well} studio is a community of women entrepreneurs who love the Lord and desire to be good and faithful servants as we navigate this journey of struggle and success.” ~The Well Studio website

31 Days of Prayers speaks to the struggles an entrepreneur has in business and in life. Covering topics like: Confidence, Faith, Authenticity, Singleness, and so much more. There are topics that everyone can glean from. At the end of each chapter, the contributor poses questions for the reader to reflect on and help apply the principles of the topic to their lives.

How many of us actually sit down and take the time to reflect? This devotional helps you get into God’s word and apply it to your business in a way that is not intimidating. Although it can be tough to see where you can grow in God’s word, especially when it comes to business, this devotional is written with a theme of encouragement not rebuke. Women encouraging each other is what The Diva Inc. is all about.

So we give this book 5 Pink Hearts!

5 Pink Hearts

Order 31 Days of Prayers for The Dreamer & The Doer on Amazon or from The Well Studio.

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