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I attended Blog’Her 14 in late July for the first time and it was an amazing experience. I’m still processing all of my takeaways and will be posting a recap soon. But I do want to share with you a review of some of the swag I received, in particular this lotion.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.05.43 PMIt was the last day of the conference and I was trying to make it around all of the vendors since we were so busy with sessions and I had not yet taken full advantage of the brands and vendors that were there. This man hands me a travel-sized bottle of Amlactin. He probably noticed how I was staring at the posters and decided that I needed to try the product. Amlactin is a lotion that is supposed to heal dry, rough, flaky skin.

While I am happy with most of my skin my feet are always suffering from roughness. And who wants that. I immediately started using this on my hands and feet and I have to tell you that both feel amazing but my feet are where I notice an extreme difference. It gets better each time I use it and I notice throughout the day that the dryness does not come back. AmlactinThe travel-sized bottle I got from the conference was running out so I went to Target to purchase a full-sized bottle. The downside to this lotion? It’s $22 for a 7.9 oz bottle. 🙁 But the softness that it gives my feet was so worth it. I’m also not crazy about the smell (it does remind me of medicine). The Pros outweigh the cons of this lotion since it does what it says it will on the bottle.

Have you tried Amlactin? Let us know what you thought in the comments section or send us an email at info@thedivainc.com.

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