Museum of Ice Cream LA

Bloggers, influencers and lovers of fun everywhere have been going gaga over the Museum of Ice Cream LA on social media. The Museum exhibit opened in April and sold out shortly after ticket sales were announced. Then, because God loves us, they opened up more tickets in late April and extended the exhibit dates. At 9AM on April 27th, I along with many others, stalked the museum’s website for our opportunity to purchase tickets. I was super excited to purchase my tickets. Then I got to the screen to pick a time and check out. Sold out! I had a moment of panic and quickly had to find a new time before it too would be sold out. I hurried and picked a new time, 7PM on June 3rd and hit the checkout button. Yes! The sale went through. It was official. I was going to the Museum of Ice Cream with one of my girlfriends to swim in the same sprinkles pool as the Kardashians, Beyonce and many other of my favorite Instagrammers.

So what is the hype?

Think of this museum as an opportunity to let your inner child roam free. A time to let your hair down (in a room full of bananas). A time to eat all the sweets your trainer would have a conniption about. A time bring out your girlish giggle while feeling the sprinkles between your toes. My only wish was that I could spend the night there. Hotel of Ice Cream? Yes, bring it on!

Before the museum…

My girlfriend and I arrived early to take pictures near the museum and when it was about 15 minutes until our ticket time, we headed toward the museum and its pink walls. If you know me, you know that pink is my FAVORITE color. So of course we had to do a mini photo shoot by the pink walls of the Museum of Ice Cream. Once we were done taking all the pictures we could, we headed toward the entrance in the museum.The Line to get in…

One of the docents led us to a grassy area right next to the front door to wait until our ticket time. There were hula hoops and games for you to play while waiting in line. As soon as I got to the grass, which I assume was fake, I took off my shoes. What a great feeling it is to feel grass between your toes. Then we lined up and waited to go in. The docent who served as the museum’s hype woman, led us to the door to let us know what we should expect.

At the door…

We were given a few rules at the beginning by the docent. Basically have fun, finish whatever treats you were given in the room you were given them in and that the museum was a one-way exhibit. I’ve never seen so many adults more excited in my life. And of course, since I want to follow the rules, I spent as much time in each room as I could to make sure that I didn’t miss any opportunity to let my inner child out.

Inside the Museum of Ice Cream…

Whoever designed this exhibit is a genius and deserves all the kisses and hugs in the world! My brain was on overload with all the pink that was surrounding me. When you first walk in you are greeted with some Dove chocolate and an Instagram worthy wall of jewels, ice cream and donuts.
Museum of Ice CreamThe chocolate bar styled pink door led you to the next room filled with gorgeous pink retro phones. When you picked up the phone there was a voice on the other end speaking to you. It was probably the voice of like Usher or something but I could not concentrate on who I may have been talking to due to all the pink overload in that room. 

I could go on and on about how cool this was but then you would be reading this forever. I will just say that this was THE BEST EXHIBIT EVER! Unfortunately, tickets are sold out and there is no word on whether the Museum of Ice Cream LA will be extending its dates for a second time. A picture is worth a thousand words so don’t worry if you don’t have tickets. Click the slider above to see more pictures of this wonderful exhibit.

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