The Show Must Go On

It’s been a lazy Monday for me. I am recovering from a long meeting on Saturday (about 8 hours) Church and my new bible class on Sunday. 

As you can imagine for me, suffering from migraines, I developed one starting early Saturday morning. Five pills and two days later (Sunday) I still had a lingering headache. I took a sinus pill last night and woke up this morning feeling headache free.

During this whole weekend I realized something that I thought I already knew: The Show Must Go On. I have many responsibilities in my life and I can no longer let my health and mental well being consume my ability to live.

Taking care of ones self can be easier said than done. You do not realize how connected your body is to stress. Anything can stress you out if you let it. I am learning through this process called life, that you can control somethings and others you cannot. So make changes where necessary and let go of the things you do not have the ability to control.

Ahhh…letting go. That is a topic for another blog.

I am going to make sure that I revive my commitment to the gym. The more I work out and take care of my body, the less the migraines surface. So this is something that I can control. 

Something that is also contributing to my vicious headaches is my ambition. I just turned 26 and always planned to be further along in my career than I am currently. But this is something I cannot control. I have put in the applications, completed my graduate education, networked and am doing the routine follow ups on those applications. I am doing my part. I cannot control the Universe nor the application reviewing process on the other end. But I can adapt to my current situation and make the best of it. Thus decreasing my headaches and contributing to a higher state of mental well being.

One thing is for sure no matter how you feel The show will go on with or without you. So it is time for us to stop sulking about economy, life, stress and any other of life’s many hinderances. It is time for us to not only be in the show but also to direct and produce it.

Life is about Choice…Choose to go on!

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