It’s A New Season

It’s 3:25am and I am up with a slight headache. I have blogged about my current season in life in most of my latest posts. But I am entering a new season! A season I have long awaited.

I got a phone call yesterday afternoon asking me to come in for an interview. Yes, things are looking up now. With this interview on the horizon, I am feeling better about the direction of my life. I feel as though things are moving forward. Slow, but now steady.

In late May, I officially finished my MAIA. Hooray! The journey while well worth it, is at its close. And I have aspirations of getting my Ph.D–but this will be no time soon. 🙂 I do look forward to the opportunities that will arise out of having a Master’s Degree and recommend for those who are contemplating going back to get yours, to do so. Be fulfilled in your educational endeavors.

Being in the season I am in (The Turbulent Season), I found myself leaning on my illustrious sisterhood, Delta Sigma Theta. My sisters have been a tremendous gift and have been so forthcoming with advice to get me THROUGH this situation. Friendships and that sisterly bond is a necessity in life. Most women will only get a few good girlfriends in their lifetime. I have more than 50–700,000 plus if I extend beyond the bay area. I am truly blessed in this, I know.

To lean on someone is a humble idea at its core. But it is not easy. It involves trust and a lot of pride swallowing. But if you can manage to understand its purpose, you can be prepared to let someone lean on you in the future. You cannot be the tree until you develop roots. I am looking forward to the days when I can provide a firm trunk to lean on and shade to the people in my life as they have me.

The next door that I will close is that of the book I am working on. A labor of love. I believe part of the reason for my turbulent season is so that I may offer inspiration to my readers. I cannot wait to read it myself. The Diva Diaries: Recessionista WILL be complete by summer’s end if it kills me. I am working with an awesome editor and longtime colleague Lindsay P. and am 90% sure that I will self-publish. Putting my money where my mouth is. 🙂

So Divas, walk into your new season. Crawl if you must. But you can and will get through. Surround yourself with great people. Keep the faith. Be humble. Finish what you can and leave the rest to God.

The Diva

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