Don’t Let Your Happenings Ruin Your Happiness!

TGIF Divas! Another week full of trials, tribulations, and lessons. Hmmm…as I sit here and sip my hot Green Tea infused with strawberry & vanilla I am having difficulty as to how I should begin summarizing my week. 

On Sunday, I attended the 11 o’clock service at ALCF as I always do. This Sunday I was so emotionally drained, tired of being in the same situation, and full. As I lay everything down on the alter, I felt so much weight on me. No different than the other members who are in the same situation. But seemingly I felt alone. Walking back to my seat I still felt heavy. Heavy is how I have been feeling all week. It comes in spurts and then leaves. After service, I was treated to lunch by a new friend. What a release it can be to sip Tetley’s Orange Tea, eat Zuppa Toscana, and have girl talk. 

Monday and most of Tuesday is a blur. I remember picking up the golf brochures I designed for my sorority’s annual golf classic from the printer. It was the most exciting moment I had all week. 

Wednesday…well I don’t remember too much about it either. Thursday, I was really depressed about my situation, my  life, my future, and everything else that had to do with me. I was just waiting for Thursday to be over. I needed a new day of Grace!

Today, Friday, I am trying to lift my spirits. Life is about choice. You choose to be happy or sad. And the choice, though sometimes difficult, shouldn’t be determined by your situation. According to JoJo Simmons (son of Rev Run),

 “Your happenings should not ruin your happiness.”

So today, I am choosing to let go and let God! My happenings will NOT ruin my happiness! As I have said in an earlier post. I am forgiving this week and moving on to the next. 

What will you choose?

The Diva

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