Simply Divine: 5 Reasons Why Lisa Vanderpump’s new book is a must have for 2012

I’m an avid fan of The Real Housewives series, I’ve watched them all. Undoubtedly Beverly Hills is my favorite. I love to tune in each week and watch as Adrienne, Camille, Kyle, Kim, Taylor and Lisa show us how its done in the 90210.
My favorite housewife this season is Lisa. I love her tell it like it is attitude and when you pair that with the English accent, it makes her quite lovely to watch. Don’t you think so darling?Imagine my surprise when I found out that she was writing a book on elegant entertaining. Immediately I went to the bookstore to pick up a copy. Simply Divine A Guide to Easy, Elegant and Affordable Entertaining is just that – Simply Divine.5 reasons why you should be picking this book up in 2012
  1. Bring Villa Blanca to You – If you haven’t dined at Lisa’s restaurant Villa Blanca (which by the way I have not) you can definitely bring Villa Blanca to your next dinner. Lisa shares recipes for every occasion – dinners, teas and good ol’ barbeques. No need to tell anyone where you got the recipes from. Its our little secret. Just be sure to send me an invitation to your next dinner party.
  2. Speak the Queens English – Everything sounds better with an accent. I mean what’s more fun that a handsome man with a British accent? Maybe a snogging session is in order. Well after you learn the difference between snogging and shagging and how the English pronounce aluminum.
  3. Learning the Art of Preparation – Entertaining well is all in the preparation. In the first chapter Preparation, Lisa gives you her how-tos for hosting an event your guest are sure to talk about well into the new year. Her thoughtfulness and attention to every detail from the menu planning to the proper response to a hostess gift is amazing. This chapter is a reminder that things can go amiss at a party and if you are prepared it will stress you less if they do.
  4. Making A Beautiful Arrangement – I love to see shots of Lisa’s house on TRH Beverly Hills her flower arrangements are gorgeous and I can’t believe she does them herself! Well now you can recreate those gorgeous arrangements. In chapter 2 Presentation, Lisa gives her flower arranging tips and enables you to have the same Beverly Hills style that fits your budget. I don’t know about you but I’m up for a trip to the local flea market. Yep that’s right, this housewives goes to the flea market to buy her flowers. Much less costly there than at the local flower shop. My kinda girl!
  5. Just plain fun! – This book was a delightful and just plain fun to read. Have fun with it and learn what you can from this restauranteur. People see Lisa on The Housewives and forget that this is how she and Ken made their fortune. Kiss-Kiss!
The Diva

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