Finding My Inner Recessionista

It’s funny how a TV sitcom can parallel your life. I just finished watching the Ugly Betty season finale and I cannot help to see the similarities. While it is true she has a job and I do not, we are together in our quest to attain our goals.

In an earlier episode of this season, Betty and her coworker Amanda spend a day in NY with one goal: not to spend money. They collected samples from makeup counters, dinned for free in an expensive restaurant, and stole a dress and scarf from an elite store. While in reality one might have ended up in jail after this excursion, the message was clear. You can have innocent fun even in these times.

I find myself looking for ways to get around sacrificing my entire lifestyle to this economy. And while this task seems impossible it is not. Finding unique ways to LIVE requires a little creativity.

Last Monday, I attended Project Uplift at Senspa in the Presidio. The only prerequisite was that you be on unemployment. At first I was a little hesitant. Then I remembered that I am not alone in this. That I had an opportunity to meet up with other people that were going through the same thing and have a relaxing FREE day at the spa.

Senspa provided coaching sessions, a cranial massage, light snacks and wellness information for FREE to unemployed San Franciscans. And how did I hear about this? Before I was unemployed I signed up for the Senspa mailing list. 

First recommendation: Get on the mailing list. 🙂 You never know when you will be able to take advantage of coupons or free events such as these!

While at Senspa, the ladies were swapping stories about what we are doing to maintain our lifestyle during this recession. One lady, Jennifer, told me about a FREE blow out and Kerastase treatment being offered at Joseph Cozza Salon in SF. Being that I had not been to the salon in years, I made it a priority to attend. This past Wednesday I stood in line with several other women to receive my treatment and blow out. The results fabulous! 

Second recommendation: Speak up. Talk to other people who are in similar circumstances. See what they are doing. Remember you are not alone in this.

I’ve been twittering like crazy ( and one day I was viewing some posts and I found out that Origins was giving FREE facials throughout the month of May. While twitter has many great purposes I have to say that learning about this facial was is my favorite one! 🙂 The result was flawless and my dry skin was no more.

Third recommendation: Utilize your twitter, facebook, blogs, etc. Make your netWORK for you!

I have so much more to say to you DIVAS. But in the interest of spewing out my entire book in this post, I will cut it short. If I have learned anything this month it is this: 1. I am not alone(And you are not either). There are many people who are cutting back on their lifestyle. There are many people out of work. There are many people trying to find ways to keep it together. 2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to seek out opportunities to help you make it through.

The Diva

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