Making A List + Checking It Twice!

If you have already written down and started shopping for your Christmas gifts this year, you are way ahead of me. I tend to start my Christmas shopping around Black Friday. Something about shopping in the holiday atmosphere makes buying gifts even more fun and special. 

I will, however, spend way more than I should because I love to give good gifts and often lack a solid gift-giving plan. This year, I’m starting a bit earlier by planning out my gift list. If you are like me and need to make sure that you plan out your giving list and stay on budget ask yourself these questions:

  • What is my Holiday Gift budget for this year? This is your overall budget that you want to spend this year on gifts.
  • Who am I getting major gifts for this year? (i.e. family, BFFs, close friends) How much do you want to allocate to each person’s gift?
  • Who am I getting gift cards for this year? (i.e. coworkers, new friends, etc.) If you have a lot of coworkers who you want to give a gift for, I recommend a Starbucks gift card for $5. This will cover the cost of a tea or coffee. 

What gifts have to be mailed? Remember to look at the local USPS Holiday delivery hours and times to make sure your gift makes it on time.

Use this complimentary download to get your Christmas shopping planned.

Happy Holidays!!!

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