Make The Vision Plain: Creating and Completing Your 2017 Goals

Make The Vision Plain

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” ~Proverbs 29:18

Most of us have a vision of how we want our life to be and what we want to accomplish. We want to leave a legacy that inspires people, leaves the world better than we found it, and makes us proud of ourselves. And for some of us, we already know what we want to do in life and/or what our purpose is. Others are still unsure of their calling. Either way, it is getting there – The daily steps that we need to take – that may trip us up. That is why it is important to hold ourselves accountable for fulfilling our purpose. To do that, we must not just rely on our minds alone. We should make sure that we are writing down our goals and being realistic about the steps that we need to take to get there.

Sure, we are a technologically advanced society. So you could be tempted to record your goals in an app on your phone. However, there is nothing like penning your goals in your own handwriting. The act of the pen caressing the paper with your thoughts commits them to memory. That memory becomes your conviction for holding yourself accountable for achieving them.

So how can you kick butt on your goals in 2017?

First, make the vision plain.

Take a moment to ponder what your goals are…what they really are. The goals that you would set if you weren’t afraid to be who God wants you to be. The goals you would set if money wasn’t an option and you could do what is truly in your heart to do. What does that life look like? The life where you are pursuing your God-given purpose and excelling at it! What are your goals for your personal life, growth and development, business and community? Once your mind has started churning with the possibilities, write them down. Don’t edit – just write what flows from your heart. Take your time with this and don’t rush it. It is time to stop setting goals that you really don’t believe in. Part of the reason why most goals go unfinished, is because we don’t truly have the desire to pursue them fearlessly. This is because we don’t believe in them enough to put in the required effort.

Now that you have written down your heart’s desire, use another sheet of paper to do some editing. Narrow your thoughts down to six major goals that you want to accomplish this year. You want enough goals to concentrate on that will give you a challenge, but not too many, as that may be overwhelming and ultimately contribute to not completing the goals on your list. Six is a good number, so that you can spend two months on each goal. Of course, depending on the goal, you can change the duration of time needed. Some goals may require one week or one month and other goals may require three months or more.

Go at your own pace. Remember that the plan is to make progress on completing the goal. If the goal requires more time and it is something you know will take more than one year, then write that down as well. Begin to think about the steps you can take now to accomplish these goals. Be realistic about the bandwidth that you have, the resources you need vs the resources you have, and what you are willing to sacrifice to make this goal come true. Write all of this down and use as many sheets of paper as you need. Place everything you have written somewhere in plain sight on a cork board or in a binder that you can pull out daily or weekly.

Share your goals with close friends. This helps keep you accountable. Not only will you be accountable to yourself when you write all of your goals down, but sharing the goals you want to accomplish with friends or business partners allows them to help keep you accountable for achieving your goal. They may even be able to be a resource for you depending on the goal.

In late 2016, I had a goal of seriously losing weight. I didn’t want to wait until January 2017. So in September 2016, I contacted my friends from church (a husband and wife fitness couple) to help get my fitness journey started. Doing this gave them permission to hold me accountable for my goals and they also trained me and gave me health coaching. Having someone to share your goals with is invaluable. If you do not have someone you feel you can share with, be on the lookout for accountability groups at your church, school, or in organizations related to your business.

One of the major keys to creating and completing your goals is to stop comparing your journey. Your journey is just that – yours. Sure, you can absolutely draw inspiration from other like-minded people you know or don’t know. Thanks to social media it is so easy to be inspired. But it is also so easy to get caught up in the comparison game. So in 2017, promise me that you will no longer compare yourself to that highly curated IG profile you can’t stop scrolling through or that overachieving friend who has the flattest tummy ever. You are exactly where you are supposed to be now and goal setting properly will help you get to where you need to be at your pace and in God’s time

So to make sure that you knock out all six goals for 2017 be sure to make the vision plain, edit the vision, go at your own pace, share your goals, and stop the comparison. We can do it! And The Diva Inc. is cheering you on!

Download our Make The Vision Plain Goal Setting Workbook!


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  1. 2017 I am so glad it’s here. Goal planning can feel overwhelming. I’ve set a few small goals to help push myself a bit, will have to work up to the six. Definately going at my own pace, but still reaching a little bit further this year. The download is a great tool to keep things in focus. Thanks!!

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