Homemade Body Scrub Labels

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Using Cricut to Create Luxury Labels in under 15 minutes

I’m back!!! If you haven’t read my first post in almost two years, click here. It is a good one! Today I’m bringing a new Cricut Joy tutorial. This machine is small AND mighty! I’ve been using it to create greeting cards mostly but today we are going to create labels for my homemade Body Scrubs. This tutorial is very beginner friendly and you can complete this project in less than 15 minutes.

I’ve set up the artwork for you in Cricut Design Space so that you can follow along with the tutorial.

What you will need:

Final Lavender Vanilla Scrub Packaging
Final Lavender Vanilla Scrub Labels
  1. The first step is to prepare your image in Cricut Design Space. For the purposes of this tutorial I have shared the current label with you in CDS. I made two labels as I have two Lavender Vanilla scrubs to make.

2. Next, follow the prompts in CDS once you click the “Make It” button.

3. Once the Cricut Joy has finished the cut, unload the material and cut off the part we are going to use.

Smart Vinyl in the Cricut Joy Machine
Load the Cricut Smart Vinyl in the Machine

4. Weed the design using your Cricut tools. When you are finished weeding, your image should look like the image below.

After Weeding the image
This is what the image should look like after weeding.

5. Now we will need the transfer tape. Cut the tape to fit the amount needed to cover the circular design. Peel off the transfer tape and place it on the design. Use the Cricut tool in the picture below to smooth out any bubbles.

The transfer tape should be placed over the image
This is what it looks like after the transfer tape is placed over the image.

6. If you are creating two labels as shown, cut the the labels a part and cut the excess transfer material. Now carefully peel back the backing.

7. Place the design on your jar. You will want to be careful with this. Use the same tool to smooth out the bubbles before removing the transfer tape from the jar.

Label on the jar
How the label looks on the jar. The transfer tape has not been removed in the picture.

8. Peel off the transfer tape and repeat step 7 for the second label

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