A Slice of Style’s Jenica Parcell on Blogging, Inspiration & Infertility

Jenica Parcell

The Diva Inc. Magazine sat down with fellow west coast blogger Jenica Parcell of A Slice of Style to talk blogging, inspiration and infertility.

TDIM: Why did you start blogging/writing?

JP: I started my blog in 2014 because I wanted to share my passion with others about how everyone can save a lot of money if they are smart and shop sales. My mom taught me at a young age some smart tricks to buying the things you want at a good price. I would buy clothes, home décor, jewelry and everything in between for great deals and my friends and family were always amazed at how great the deals I found were.

My sister-in-law even joked that she was just going to give me her credit card so that I could buy good deals when I found them for her. With everyone always asking me how and where I got my good deals, I decided to start a blog to share with others when I found good deals so everyone could benefit! I will also occasionally share my favorite recipe as well because I love to cook and bake. Since struggling with infertility, I have since shared my infertility story and the entire month of August was spent to help raise funds for my friends who have struggled with it as well.

TDIM: How have other bloggers inspired you?

JP: Their passion, creativity and drive is so fun to watch and help ignites my passion and keep it burning. I like seeing people share what they are passionate about. That’s why I started to include more personal struggles, like infertility. I want to help others feel that they are not alone and have a place to come and feel community.

TDIM: Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

JP: My best friend has a great blog calling Nothing Down About It where she shares details on her life with her darling family including her son with Down Sydrome and how he is a blessing. My sister-in-law has an absolutely beautiful fashion blog called Pink Peonies. She does such a great job and has the best style!

TDIM: Would you consider blogging a form of therapy?

JP: Absolutely! Since writing about my infertility struggles, it has become an incredible outlet for me. Writing is definitely a form of therapy and helps me express how I’m feeling. I have been amazed at what a great support my blog has been by getting feedback through comments and emails from other incredible women.

TDIM: Your blog seems to be about style but with a purpose. Can you tell us about how that came about? (Combining your passion for style and supporting infertility)

JP: Since struggling with infertility, I have shared my infertility story which has been really great for me. Since I make a commission on the sales that are generated through the deals I post to help people save money, I decided that I could use my blog as a means to help another couple get their baby through IVF.

TDIM: Was it difficult to share your infertility story on your blog with all of you readers?

JP: YES!! I was SO nervous and my heart was pounding when I hit “publish.” I think whenever you share something that is close to your heart and that has been such a struggle for you, it makes you feel vulnerable. Sharing my story has been an incredible blessing to my life as I get feedback from others who have been helped and know that they aren’t alone.

TDIM: What do you want The Diva Inc. Magazine readers to know about infertility and how can they support your efforts?

JP: Infertility is such a heart-wrenching, emotional experience. I will continue to donate some of the funds from my blog to help raise money for infertility in the future, so you can look for that as you shop the great deals that I post! Read my story here, to hopefully understand your friends or family better that are going through this: http://www.asliceofstyle.com/search/label/Infertility

TDIM: What advice can you give aspiring bloggers/writers who want to share their story but may be hesitant because of how personal it is?

JP: Think about the impact that it could have on someone’s life. If you think the benefits outweigh the negatives, then it is time to share!

TDIM: What goals did you set when you decided to share your story on your blog?

JP: I wanted to spread awareness that infertility is such a common thing, and yet so incredibly hard. I shared my story in hopes that even one person would not feel alone on their journey. I also did it so that friends and family of those struggling with infertility could understand. If you haven’t gone through it yourself, you can’t understand, so I wanted to walk through all of the details so those who haven’t experienced it could be more compassionate.


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