The Art of Social Media: Resources and Advice for Success Online {Book Review}

The Art of Social Media Book CoverDuring the Blogher 2014 conference, I met both Peg Fitzpatrick and Guy Kawasaki. They were both very down to earth and gracious not only online but in person. After meeting them I was excited to receive a pre-book launch digital copy of The Art of Social Media early and slowly started digesting it’s goodness. With hyperlinks galore I was able to quickly click and have a look at a specific tool suggested and make notes.
Guy and Peg show you specific “how to” information from profile optimization to tying everything in your profile together. They recommended having a great headshot for your avatar and staying consistent and straightforward with account naming. Both of their Twitter handles are their names. How can you not find @guykawasaki and @pegfitzpatrick? Something to consider for entrepreneurs who have yet to create their online profiles or are rebranding.
Learning social media is all about experimenting with what works for YOUR brand and business.

While reading this warm and informative book, it felt as though Guy and Peg had invited me to a private planning session. It feels as though you are looking over Guy and Peg’s shoulders while being given an insider view into their secrets to success in social media and creating an authentic voice online.

“If you share purely for the joy of helping others, the amount of goodness and reciprocity you’ll receive will surprise you.”

Shouldn’t that be why we all use social media? Guy discourages readers from feeling entitlement online and are urged to respect the opinions of others. Thanks Guy!! What a great message for businesses and brands.

The Art of Social Media will make you eager to start testing and retesting your social media strategy. In the book, their are reminders that the current social media channels and tools DO and WILL change. It is important to consistently modify and work to share great content.

Social newbie? This book is for you. Social long timer? This book is also for you. The Art of Social Media is the most honest and useful reference guide for social media influence. It will enable you to rock social.

Keep this book near your computer or in your e-reader to help improve your social media strategies and influence. Do keep in mind this book should be taken in small bites. All the resources and suggestions given will require time to test and compare to what you already already implemented with your social media strategy. Even these two social media super users are not privy to Facebook’s algorithm variances. So the key to social media success per Guy Kawasaki is test, test, test!

“…do not take our word as gospel. These are our tips, tricks, and insights, and we hope they work for you. In a perfect world, however, you would develop better techniques than ours, and you’d tell us how to improve our game too.”

Ready to rock social??  Order your copy of The Art of Social Media on Amazon today!

We gave this book 5 pink hearts!

5 Pink Hearts

Jenelle Daniels is a Digital Media Business Consultant in the Bay Area. Her specialties are social media, blogging and content marketing. Please visit her personal blog for more information.

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  1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy that you liked the book and grateful for your review.

    Getting 5 pinks hearts makes my day!

  2. Loved the book! Guy & Peggy did a great job. I learned about SO many websites and services that I had never heard of. I have already started implementing some of the suggestions into my company’s social media strategy. In fact, I have recommended the book to others as well.

    The only thing that frustrated me was that the book showed links to other content that was not available to those who purchased the print edition vs. Kindle.

    1. Hi Amy, Thanks for reading the review. That does sound frustrating. We will check it out and get back to you if we find a work around. XOXOXO

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