My Fabulous Weekend: Altuzarra for Target & A Vision Board Birthday Party

Hey Loves!

It’s been a crazy fun weekend! So crazy we didn’t have a Lifestyle post this Saturday. But no worries we will have one this week. What did you do this weekend? This weekend went by so fast but I was blessed to spend most of it with great friends.

After a meeting I had on Saturday, I went with my sister to Pinkies Nail Salon for her birthday mani and pedi. If you are ever in the Bay Area you MUST go to Pinkies. We had some time between the meeting and her mani/pedi appointment so we strolled the downtown Burlingame area. It’s so lovely and it was a wonderfully sunny day. We passed by Anthropologie and we absolutely had to go in. If you have not been there just trust me that the decor is amazing. The mixture of clothing and home items is to die for. It’s shabby-chic meets California laid back. I picked up Darling Magazine at Anthropologie. Darling Darling MagazineMagazine is a brand that I’ve been following for a while on Instagram and I am so glad I was able to pick up the magazine. It has such a wonderful message for our young ladies. None of the women in the magazine were retouched and they came in all shapes, sizes, and colors as does beauty. I will be doing a review of the magazine soon and will post it in our Lifestyle section.

On Sunday, I started out the day in line (the first in line) for the Altuzarra for Target launch. You can read our article about the pieces we were dying to get our hands on at The Diva Inc. here. A full review of the collection will be posted tomorrow in our Fashion section. But I will say that I love collaborations. You get to meet so many new people (who are amazingly nice considering the limited edition madness of a collection) and trying on your clothes withAltuzarra for Target Booties complete strangers who love fashion…well there is nothing like it. I met three great ladies who were behind me in line and I had more fun than I can possibly explain. And the clothes! Ahhhhhh…. This was one of the best collaborations I’ve been to and I’ve been to both H&M and Target Collaborations.

After scoring way too much at Target, I headed to church and then to my sisters for her 46th Vision Board Birthday Parties. I love vision boards and design one every year in January. It amazes me how doing something so simple like writing down your goals and putting them on the board can make a world of difference in them coming true. You can hold yourself more accountable when you write things down. The vision board party was an intimate gathering of six people. I love large birthday parties but I also appreciate spending quality time with a few people for a birthday. The laughter, the fun and the bonding is irreplaceable. We started the party off with some nice Blueberry spritzers (recipe coming this week in the Foodie Section. :-)) Vision Boardthen we began our vision board journey. I focused this vision board on The Diva Inc. since it is evolving as we speak. I’m using this board to keep track of the vision for the new products we will be launching, the magazine and talk show. We cannot wait to share with you all of the products and services we have coming at the end of 2014 and early 2015.

Until next week Loves…


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