5 Pink Hearts for Altuzarra for Target [Review]

Ahh…the smell of a great fashion collaboration.

On Sunday, September 14, I lined up with fellow fashionistas outside of the Target near my home. This is an annual event for me. Each year when Target announces their collaboration I “patiently” stalk the website until I can find a look book. When I’m finally able to see what will be in the collection, I make a conscious decision about the pieces I am going to buy. Mostly because I like to stay on a budget and not go overboard and this year was no exception.

Altuzarra MaxiWhen I looked at the Altuzarra for Target look book, I thought that I would only leave with the three pieces shown in our preview of the collection {click here to read the previous article}. Typically I will buy 2-3 pieces from each collection. But when I got to the store and was able to try on everything on, I loved too many pieces and this was the first time I bought shoes from a collection.

Normally, I go into something like this knowing that the quality may be a little less than the designers other collections. I understand that this is because the price of each piece has to be Target friendly. That’s the purpose! Designer fashion and Target prices. I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality in the construction of this collection. It is on par with the quality of the Phillip Lim for Target collection from a few years ago (where I also bought more than usual).

I have too many favorites to call out just one thing. But I wore the Easy Waist Maxi Dress Swiss Dot from the collection to church the same day. It has a tie at the top so that you can wear it closed or open depending on the setting. You can wear this to host a dinner party or to run errands glamorously. 🙂

Crane Embroidery Dress
Crane Embroidery Dress
Black Jacquard Skirt
Black Jacquard Skirt

What I didn’t like about the collection was that the clothes were not all true to size. I am a size 8 and sometimes 10. I got a size 8 in the Maxi Dress and had to get a size 12 in the Black Jacquard Skirt and the Crane Embroidery Dress. I had no plans on getting the skirt originally but once I saw it in person there was no way I was going to leave it behind.

I also would have appreciated more accessories. I guess the Phillip Lim for Target had me spoiled. I racked up on purses during that launch. I think this collection would have benefited from at least one black and gold crane structured purse.

Crane Print Embroidery Sweater
Crane Print Embroidery Sweater

The picture of the Crane Embroidery Dress may not be doing it justice because when you see those cranes in person you will be

amazed a the quality and the color contrast between the black and gold. Just lovely! I also bought the Crane Print Embroidery Sweater because of this.

While I was hurriedly picking out the pieces I wanted, I decided to open the box and look at the Black Ankle Boot. Since my size was still available, I tried them on. Wow! They looked great with the Lauren Conrad leggings I had on. Another item that I had not planned on getting.

All-in-all, I have to say that this was one of the best designer collaborations that Target has done in the last few years. I cannot wait to see who they will announce for next year.

I give this collection five pink hearts! XOXO

5 Pink Hearts

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