A Dream

I had an interesting dream last night. After finally going to sleep at 3:10 or so, I was still so restless. After getting into my REM sleep, I began to dream. Since I just finished watching a DVD on my laptop it was no surprise that the characters in the dream were the characters in the movie. For some, this dream would have been dismissed as just that-a dream. But for me, I am getting in touch with my Spirit and what it tries to warn me about.

In the dream, I was instructed by Madea to watch out for a wolf in sheep’s clothing. How many times I have I made the mistake of passing over a dream that was truly sent as a vision? How many times have I misinterpreted a dream? But this one was very plain. Someone is coming to steal my peace. Someone is coming to see if they can break my spirit. And to that someone I say, be careful not to mistake this Diva for a Yorkshire Terrier. When I need to (as all Divas must) I can reach into myself and bring out the largest, toughest, Pitbull imaginable. My peace is worth fighting for. The joy in my spirit is worth keeping. And anyone who seeks to destroy that-better think again.

My fellow Divas, Is your Peace worth fighting for? Is your Joy worth keeping? Then know that another part of being a Diva is knowing that you will have to fight battles in life. Fight the good fight!

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  1. I like this. Fight for your peace. My peace is definitely worth fighting for and oh boy, how I’ve been fighting lately. Blessings Love,

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