Birth & Baby Fair San Francisco: Great Event for New Moms

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As a mom, sometimes we can feel like there aren’t enough recourses at our finger tips. Or maybe we don’t find those resources until well after our children are above an appropriate age to use them. We find ourselves thinking “Aw man! I wish I had known about that back when my child was that age!” Well this past weekend the Bay Area brought us parents an AMAZING resource called the Birth and Baby Fair. The 2017 Birth & Baby Fair was held in San Francisco on November 12th at the Golden Gate Club on the Presidio.

I arrived at 9:30am and after a quick search for parking, my three month old and I were off to stand in the already well-developed line. The fair was scheduled to start at 10:00 am. While waiting in line, I introduce myself to a few other waiting moms – one soon to be first time mom and her partner and one mom with two children (like myself) who attends these fairs almost every year for the past 3 or 4 years!

I found out that the San Francisco Birth & Baby Fair has been going on since about 2008. This got me excited to go inside and see what the fair had to offer.

Once we got checked in and received our VIP Goodie Bag, we began to explore the different vendor booths. The first booth we stopped at was Raised Real. Raised Real is a company that is geared toward making healthy baby food with whole, organic and fresh ingredients delivered right to your door. This service delivers the meals right to your front door along with the free baby food processor. Your little one gets to eat fresh food that helps them grow and you get to concentrate on other things besides what your baby should eat (How cool is that?!). Raised Real takes the guess work out of providing your baby’s daily nutrients.

Next, we found a booth that specializes in chiropractic treatments. I am certain many of us know that during pregnancy our bodies become contorted and pushed and pulled in so many directions. Once you deliver your baby, it may be hard but not impossible to get our bodies back in alignment. Seeing a chiropractor who is gentle and effective may be the answer to creating some balance in our bodies framework. The demo the chiropractor showed us looked like the procedure was very gentle and safe.

We continued to make our way around the fair visiting all kinds of booths that offered a wide range of goods and services from extremely convenient food storage for on the go for moms of little ones six months and older, to all natural organic baby clothes and scarves made for discreet breastfeeding. We also stopped by booths with jewelry and make up for moms (because we deserve to look good while mommin’). There were also photo booths available for adorable pictures with mommy and baby, just baby or the whole family. This was a really nice touch!

The San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair also offered quite a few workshops to help soon to be and new moms get to know some baby basics. Workshops included Breastfeeding Basics, Birth Options, Potty Training Techniques, Baby Sign Language, Sleep Techniques and tips on making healthy & nutritious baby food at home.

On the upper level of the building the fair also offered a Mommy Nook which served as a room for breastfeeding and offered light snacks and water. In the next room, there was a soft play place for toddlers to do what they do best – toddle (lol). There were also two raffles during the course of the day and the prizes were really amazing!

To close out the San Francisco Birth and Baby fair ,I stopped by the mommy pampering station and experienced eyebrow threading for the first time (Loved it). The person who went before me told me it felt like a little lawn mower on your face. That seemed odd to me until I tried it and I think that is a very accurate description of what is was like! (haha). There was also a small station where you could sit and receive a mini manicure. It is extremely important for us moms to take time to pamper ourselves. We spend so much time taking care of others that it is imperative that we also take care of ourselves.

Overall, I would say that the San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair was very much worth the $15 advertised price. For all of the resources and information you could potentially receive. I would say it is really geared toward the mom who is still pregnant and planning but there are still quite a few awesome resources for the new mom as well. If the Birth and Baby Fair ever comes  to your area I definitely recommend to attend!

Aniyah Ross is a mommy of two living in the Bay Area. She is in tech by day and a great mommy 24-7. She is a new writer to The Diva Inc. Magazine and will be covering all things mommy!







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