Year of Fruitful Collaborations

Year of Fruitful Collaborations

Hello Loves! Happy New Year!

Year of Fruitful CollaborationsI love the holiday season. It’s my favorite time of the year. My second favorite time of the year is the New Year. During this time I concentrate on my goals and what I want to accomplish in the next 365 days.

2012 The Year of Creating Wealthy Partnerships

Three hundred and sixty-five days…

You would think that is a lot of time. But how many of us have let years pass and wondered where they went? When I was younger, I did not focus in on my goals. I was more of a go with the flow type of girl. But now that I run businesses and am getting older, focusing on my goals is key to living my best life.

In 2012, one of my good friends told me about how she themes her year. I loved the idea and have been theming my year ever since. It works so much better for me and I am able to create goals around my theme. It creates a greater focus for the year. In 2015, I discovered Lara Casey’s Powersheets and the idea of having a word for the year. So I combine having a yearly theme and a yearly word to shape the way I goal set for the year.

2016 Powersheets One Year Workbook Walkthrough & Goal Talk

My theme for 2016 is: FRUITFUL COLLABORATIONS and my word is: INSPIRE.

I am so excited for this year more than ever before!


I chose this theme because I believe that we are greater together than separately. I know so many women who are running businesses and when we join hands we can INSPIRE more people. As a blogger and brand influencer, it is also important to me to collaborate with other bloggers, brands and influencers. When we collaborate we become more FRUITFUL in our endeavors. We reach more people and perhaps a different audience than we have already because we are introducing ourselves to another venue. Want to COLLABORATE? I want to hear from you! Email:


This is my core. This is why I write, blog and have been building my social media presence. Because at the end of the day I want to know that I have INSPIREd you in some way. That you have read my story and you know that you are not alone. That anything is possible and you can make it. I want my testimony to glorify God and be FRUITFUL. How can anything bear fruit if first a seed is not planted? I know what it was like when I was silently suffering (and sometimes not so silently). I want women to know that their dreams, goals and life matters. I want young women to know that a tough situation is not the end. Life is cyclical. It gets better and sometimes worse. But better is on the way! Don’t give up! Your time is coming. How can I help INSPIRE you more? Write me. I will write you back. Email:


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