Video | 2016 Powersheets One Year Workbook Walkthrough & Goal Talk

Hey Loves! As promised here is an new video of the 2016 Powersheets One Year Workbook! This is a new product from Lara Casey and I am so happy that my whole year worth of goals will be in one place. I thumbed through this before the video and was SUPER excited about every new addition and update to some of the old features of the Powersheets. Join me as I walk you through the new features and how I goal set.

Powersheets 2015 Video – Make It Happen with the Powersheets by Lara Casey!

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**Disclaimer ** This is not a paid ad. I bought the Powersheets and really do LOVE them! Even if I were to get paid for a post, I would only talk about what I really love. I respect my audience and would never want to say something I don’t believe.

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