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Have you experienced the luxury that is Pat McGrath Labs? I’ve been eyeing this brand for years. But because of its price, I had never splurged. It seemed so far out of my reach. However, lately I have been shifting my mindset to a more minimalistic way of living. I still have a lot to learn about this new way of life, but the principle is this: have more things you love and less of what you don’t. As a matter of fact, don’t have anything around you that you don’t love. Surround yourself only with things that inspire you and push you to be better. This includes friends and material things.

So I made my first Pat McGrath Labs purchase a few months ago. I purchased the Full Panic 005 MatteTrance Lipstick ($38) (pictured above) and the Revelation Red Liquid Lipstick ($22). It was less of a splurge and more like an upgrade of my makeup. I have resolved to have more makeup that I enjoy using and makes me feel beautiful even if I have to save up for it.

OMG!!! I’m in love with the Full Panic 005 MatteTrance Lipstick and the quality of the product. It is the perfect pink shade (I LOVE pink) and I would expect nothing less from Pat McGrath labs. The matte lippie does not dry my lips out and goes on really smooth. It’s like giving your lips and upgrade to first-class. I haven’t tried the Revelation Red Liquid Lipstick yet. Be sure to follow me on Instagram so you can see pictures when I do.

My next purchase from Pat McGrath Labs was the coveted Lip Fetish Lip Balm ($38) (pictured below). I cannot express in words how amazing this is balm is. I carry with me everywhere. Once you put it on, your lips feel extremely hydrated. The formula is super lightweight and it feels as though the lip balm is just an extension of your lips. This also sells out every time it is offered. So I would get in on the VIP emails so that you can be the first to know if there is another release.

Can we take a moment to talk about the packaging? First of all, the packaging that the product ships in is heavenly. The lippies were sent in this gold zip lock like packaging filled with gold sequins. *insert heart face emoji here* I’m still using those sequins. LOL Then the actual lipstick container is a work of art! The PML signature lips on the container just add to the overall luxe of the product. Not only is the lipstick quality amazing but the packaging is a work of art to be displayed on your vanity, workspace or just about anywhere.

I’m already eyeing my next PML purchase. Mother Pat McGrath is launching lip glosses on May 10, 2018 and I absolutely cannot wait! I’ve already picked out the set that I want. Although I really want them all! Who should I call to get on her PR list? #obsessed

Have you tried PML? What are your thoughts?

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