3 Refreshing Infused Waters for Spring

I’m very interested in drinking water these days. Besides tea, it is my primary source of liquid to drink. I love flavored water when I’m not drinking sparkling water. But every once in a while, I need to change it up for my taste buds. Take a look below for some of my favorite ways to spice up my water. Are you drinking enough water? You will after you start making these delicious infused waters.

I love to get fresh fruit and vegetables from the farmers market. It tastes so much better and the juices from the vegetables and fruit infuse into the water better too!

Once you have gathered your fresh ingredients, wash all of the fruits and vegetables you will be using. Next, slice them in whatever shape you like. Cucumber Mint Water – Ingredients: Cucumber slices, water and mint leaves – This is a simple yet refreshing infused water. The mint smells amazing. Let the water sit for an hour in the refrigerator before tasting the water. This will give the water time to absorb the flavors.
Lemon + Cucumber Water – Ingredients: Lemon, water and cucumber slices – Lemon and cucumber are so refreshing! If you cannot handle the tartness of the lemon, try adding a sweet fruit like watermelon.Strawberry + Lemon + Mint Water – Ingredients: Strawberries, mint leaves and lemon slices – One of my faves! It’s almost like combining all the ingredients above in one. The strawberries add a bit of sweetness and the mint flavor is AMAZING!You can enjoy this water with girlfriends or by yourself this Spring. These infused waters make a great companion to planning and journaling. Such a great way to relax and stay healthy! Stay Fierce Loves!

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