My Fabulous Weekend: Taking Time for the “Little” Things – Vision Boards, Lemons, & Fitness

This weekend was all about enjoying the simple things in life. You know the things we take for granted. Like spending time with my sisters and picking fresh lemons on a nice summer day.

Diaso Japan1. Shopping for Vision Board Supplies: My sister is having a vision board party for her birthday next weekend. She is combining two things I love: birthdays and vision boards. Vision boards allow you to creatively display your goals so I went to one of my favorite stores, Daiso Japan, to pick out a few supplies. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday. I will show you guys a picture of the finished board in next weeks My Fabulous Weekend post.

2. Picking Fresh Lemons from sissy’s garden: If you have followed the blog for a while, you know that I absolutely adore lemons and all of the things you can do with them. So this weekend, I took a little time to pick fresh lemons from my sister’s tree. Having warm lemon Lemonswater before bed, making lemon-sugar scrubs (I will post a link to our Etsy scrubs soon), and fresh lemonade are just some of the things I will be doing this week with these yummy lemons.

3. Getting Heathy with the People Who Love Me: I’m making progress on my #teamdrop40 fitness goals and there is nothing like having friends join me. Since a few of us have similar goals and cannot seem to find the time to exercise, walking or running together helps us make getting healthy fun. We can spend time together laughing and sometimes crying while getting fit. It keeps us encouraged and accountable for our goals. Do you have a fitness buddy? I can’t wait to share the next episode of The Divas Circle. We are practicing Yoga with Yvette Birner of Infinite Wellness. Do you have fitness goals you want to accomplish this year? Join us!


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