5 Ways To Support Your Friend’s Business

Holiday season is up on us. This is a critical time in sales for any entrepreneur (especially a small business). Your friend with the products/services needs your support.

Let’s chat about being friends with an entrepreneur. Friends love at ALL times. Part of being a great friend is being supportive of your friend’s goals and dreams. This sounds easy. But what about when your friend has a business? I know from personal experience that this is where friendships can get tough.

Often times I expect all my friends to be first in line to purchase or support a new product I’m launching (as I would do for them), but the reality is they don’t always show up on launch day or thereafter. Now, I do understand that some friends cannot afford to buy my latest product. But there are so many other ways to support someone who is selling a product or service.

  1. Share On Social Media. Repost articles, pictures, information and where to buy their product/service on your social media. This is easy, free and shows your friend you care about their success. It also introduces their brand to a wider audience.
  2. Make A Purchase. Buy the product/service. Even if it is not “your thing” you can buy the product/service and give it as a gift to another friend or colleague who would love to have the product/service. You can also host a giveaway on your social media pages to promote the product.
  3. Show Up. When you friend holds a product launch party or event, your presence is immeasurable. Show up! Your friend will be forever grateful. Make sure to also share pictures and takeaways of the event on your social media. You do this for other events you attend. Why not your friend?
  4. Ask Questions. Inquire about your friend’s business and how things are going by simply asking them. Listen to them when they answer and if there is another way you can support them based on their answer, do so.
  5. Check Your Heart. Surround yourself with friends you are not in competition with. You can have similar businesses but competition is a mindset. There is enough room at the top for both you and your friend. So root for your friend and don’t make goals and dreams a competition point.

All-in-all your friend with the all the dreams, goals and businesses needs your support. Why have a friend that you cannot cheer for and don’t want to support in some way? This week use one of the points above to support your friend(s) in business.

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1 comment

  1. I so agree with this! I’ve had so many strangers share, post and support me and rarely see any of my friends and family support my business 🙁
    I will share this article to 1) raise awareness and 2) support you friend 🙂