My Fabulous Weekend: Learning to relax

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I haven’t written a Diva’s Words in a while. But I’m glad to be back at it. My Diva’s words are going to be about my weekend, life lessons, and current events that I are on my heart and for now, they will come out each Monday. Hope you enjoy them! As always leave comments. I love to hear from you! You can also email with your comments, articles suggestions or general questions.

Todays post is all about my FABULOUS weekend and how I’m learning to relax.


Mani/PediIt is so easy to let the weekend zoom past you and have no story to tell about what you did for yourself besides run errands. It’s also easy in the hustle and bustle of things you like to do become errands.

For a few months now I’ve been getting my mani/pedis at cheap, quick places that fit into my weekend errand routine. When I leave those places my nails are done but I feel rushed, like I did not take time to relax. So this weekend, I went to one of my favorite places, Pinkies. Ahh….what a relaxing time. The service was as great as I remembered it to be (its been a while since my last visit) and the nail tech’s did an amazing job on my nails and toes. I was able to sit there and do absolutely nothing but relax, drink tea and get pampered…for two and a half hours. AHHHMAZING!!! Why was I doing anything else but going to this salon? IDK…

I don’t know how it is for you, but when I’m planning my Saturday or Sunday I get tired just thinking about the errands I have toThe Day Designer run before I even leave the house! Sheesh! I found this wonderful day planner called the  Day Designer by Whitney English and I’m finding that I don’t understand how I got along in life without it. It also makes me realize that in this smart phone, technology world we sometimes need to get back to basics. The planner makes it easy to plan out my to-dos and reminds me to be grateful. There are inspirational quotes on every page and the front is filled with worksheets that help you plan out your goals. [We will have a review of the planner in our lifestyle section this week] This is the first weekend I planned using the Day Designer and it was an tremendous help.

Several of the books I ordered through Amazon came in over the week and I was finally able to sit down and read some of them. You can read the review of Consciously Beautiful I am Enough by Ardre Orie here. Finally, amid my laundry and other errands, I was able to enjoy going to my favorite art store Flax and getting some new gel pens, sketch books, and stamps. Did I mention to you before that I have a stationery/office supplies/cute things obsession? Anyhow, I usually go to the store in SF Flax goodiesbecause it has a huge paper and stationery department, but this time I visited their newly opened San Mateo store which is close to my house and equally lovely. If you are an artist in the Bay Area I highly recommend getting your art supplies here. Support small businesses. 🙂

All in all, though it went by fast, it was a fabulous weekend. I’m taking time to smell the roses and relax or smell the art supplies. 🙂 What are you doing to make sure that you relax on the weekends?


The Diva

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