Wake Up Grateful – Diva’s Monday Minute

It is amazing how you can be so aligned with friends that you often will be secretly going through the same things. I’ve spoken to a few friends in the past few weeks and there is a consensus of feeling drained.

There are all sorts of reasons for this: job stress, loneliness, overwhelm, career development, weight gain, relationship issues, etc. The feelings of being drained and weary can happen to any of us at any time. But one thing you don’t want to do is stay in these feelings. We cannot control everything in life. However, we can control our attitude toward these life issues and how we let them make us feel.

The Number One tip I have for redirecting your energy away from how these life stressors make you feel, is to practice gratitude. I’m sure you have heard this dozens of times and that is because it is true. When you choose to concentrate on what you have and what is going right in your life, things change. Well…things don’t change exactly but the way you feel about life changes and that causes your stressors to dissipate.

Over the next week write down at least one thing daily that you are grateful for. Use our Grateful Heart Download to capture all of the blessings that you may not be concentrating on by writing them down daily. After you are done look back on how much you have to be grateful for and continue this practice throughout the rest of the year. You will be amazed at how your focus changes when you focus on the good things that are happening in life.

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