Taking Time To Reset And Find Your Happiness Again!

I’ve been struggling lately with creating balance in my life. Passions that used to bring me happiness are starting to feel like chores and because of this, I’ve stopped doing them consistently. But there is something deep down inside me that is not happy when these passions aren’t nurtured. 

Every once-in-a-while, I enter a season where a reset is necessary. This is that season. I’m a fan of a strategic pause. When tough seasons come, a pause for clarity is necessary. Take as little or as much time as you need. I’m not sure why we sometimes feel the need to keep going when what we really need to take is a pause. This is currently what I’ve been doing – taking a mental pause to evaluate where I am in this season and what are the things I need to do to change my path. If you cannot be honest with yourself, then who can you be honest with?

I’m here again asking myself some tough questions. Perhaps you have felt or are feeling this way too. Something just isn’t right and you need to spend time getting in touch with what that “something” is.

Am I operating at my highest level of excellence?

We have all been there where we feel like we are not enough. But I assure you that you are. What is in your control is the ability to be excellent in whatever you choose to do. Excellence does not require perfection. It does require you to be disciplined. So whenever I am feeling like I am not excellent in one area or another, I examine my level of discipline in that area. Change what you can control and pray over the rest.

Does this dream, goal, relationship, job (insert your thing here) still bring me happiness?

When those things that used to bring you happiness start feeling like chores or do not bring you happiness anymore then you need to evaluate if you need to be pursuing that thing. Some dreams, goals, relationships, jobs, etc. are seasonal. When you start feeling like something needs to change assess what you can add or remove from your life that will bring you more happiness.

Why am I feeling blah?

Sometimes this blah feeling will come out of nowhere. Again, this is something you need to figure out. Journal how you are feeling and where this feeling could be coming from. If it is in your control to change this (get new job, move to a new city and/or get out of a toxic relationship) then make the change. If you can’t quite figure it out, keep journaling and praying and eventually you will get direction.

When you find that you need to ask yourself these questions, don’t run from it. Seasons change and you are in control of the direction of your life. Be honest with yourself, journal your feelings and create the clarity you need to move forward.

This week take time to journal about where you are in this season of life. You do not have to wait until January 1 to start doing your internal evaluation. Are there goals you need to reset? Are there lifestyle changes you need to reset? Should you be looking for a new job? Buying that home? Make space for you this week to reconnect with your purpose, goals and dreams.

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