Creating Tradition: Enjoying building the foundation

Happy New Year!!

I know…its been a while. I really have no excuses other than stress & life. I have missed you all terribly and have made it  one of my New Years resolutions to blog once a week instead of once a month in 2010. Some will be short and others long – but all will be divalicious. 🙂

Like many young women I’ve found myself struggling to keep up with old family traditions, like putting up Christmas decorations and baking cookies during the Holidays. This left me wondering how family traditions are started. Does one wait to have a family to start them? No! So this year, I made it a point to begin my Holiday traditions as a single woman.

Of course, I also had to keep in mind that traditions are not built in a day. Therefore, I started my tree decorating tradition and will enjoy adding to the decorations and fun for years to come. I’m a designer so I love to color coordinate. I chose to use Gold, Baby Pink, & Silver as my color scheme. 

          • Faux Pine tree (6ft) – Walgreens ($19.99)
          • Baby Pink ornaments (set of 6) – TJMaxx ($4.99)
          • Gold Peacock Sparkle feathers (set of 12) – TJMaxx ($7.99)
          • Silver Bulb Ornaments (set of 12), Gold Ribbon, Silver acorn ornaments (x2) – JoAnn’s (13.00 total)
          • Gold Star Ornament (x6) – Pier 1 ($1ea – $6.00)

Decorating a tree – $52, Creating a Tradition – priceless!

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  1. Glad to see you have returned. Nice Tree! Hope you have warmer weather there then we have here in Fl.

  2. good for you for not waiting to have a family before starting new traditions…i have been collecting christmas decorations now for many years…(mostly after christmas sales) it is a lot like building your wardrobe…when you buy things you love…they always seem to work together…
    good start on your first tree…especially when you already have your specific colors in mind…mine have always been gold, silver, burgundy & hunter green…there is no reason why you…should come home to a bare house during the holidays…even if you are the only one who will see it…that is more reason to have your home deorated for the holidays…