Carpe Anti-Sweat Lotion Non Irritating Antiperspirant For Hands + Feet

Carpe Anti-Sweat Lotion Non Irritating Antiperspirant For Hands + Feet | Review

I am notorious for not wearing socks. I mean, not even to the gym. If I do wear socks, it is usually on a long hike to which I haven’t been in ages. When I wear tennis shoes, I place baby powder in them every once in a while to make sure that there is no lingering odor. I wouldn’t say that my feet are particularly smelly though. In fact, for someone who doesn’t wear socks 99% of the time, my feet are pretty well aired out. LOL But, imagine my surprise to hear that there is a product that will control odor and sweat for your feet and hands.

When the Carpe Lotion team reached out to me to send me a few samples of their hand and feet lotion, I couldn’t wait to try it. My thought is that this will replace me putting baby powder in my shoes and it did! I used the Carpe Anti-Sweat Lotion for feet and the Eucalyptus smell is heavenly to me. This lotion is originally designed to help manage the sweating caused by Hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet. However, even if Hyperhidrosis isn’t your issue (as it is not mine), you can still use Carpe Lotion to mitigate the temporarily sweaty, smelly feet caused by not wearing socks with tennis shoes.

Carpe Lotion’s has a matte-smooth texture and is made with Eucalyptus oil. When you put it on your feet or hands it dries in right away. You only need a pea-sized amount to be effective. I also just found out they have an underarm Lotion which I cannot wait to try. Carpe Hand and Foot Lotion retails for $14.95 each for a 40ml size bottle.

Have you tried Carpe Lotion?

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