The Courage to be Beautiful: Liquid Courage Cosmetics Seeks to Transform Beauty Industry

Liquid Courage Cosmetics

“Liquid Courage believes that all women are born courageous but we could all use a bit of “liquid courage” at times.”

We here at The Diva Inc. love to meet women entrepreneurs who are creative and using their talents to empower other women. And of course we love anything that has to do with beauty. So imagine our excitement to get to speak with the founder of a the new beauty brand Liquid Courage Cosmetics, Roshell Rosemond.

The Diva Diaries Blogazine: When did your love affair with makeup begin? Liquid Courage Cosmetics: My love affair with the beauty industry started as a way to connect with my sister who is ten years younger than me. As an inspiring make up artist I surprised her with a flight to New York and tickets to attend the International Makeup Artist Trade-show (IMATS) in New York. At IMATS New York is when a full blown love affair developed with beauty and its consumers. The energy at the trade-show was electric. So while my sister tried every beauty product on the trade-show floor I spent my time talking to the owners of the beauty companies that were in attendance at the show. I knew that after more than 50 questions it was no longer curiosity that drove my questions. I discovered an unhidden passion for beauty.

The Diva Diaries Blogazine: What is the meaning behind the name Liquid Courage?
Liquid Courage Cosmetics: When starting a business it’s important to do your homework. A survey I read prior to launching Liquid Courage stated that most women wearing make-up felt like it improved their self-image and that wearing make-up gave them an advantage at work and made them feel more in control. Traditionally, Liquid Courage is defined as any alcoholic beverage that enables you to approach and converse with people more confidence. This is exactly how I wanted my consumers to feel during the product experience and this is how the name Liquid Courage was born. We aim to offer our consumer the chance to be bold & courageous. Liquid Courage believes that all women are born courageous but we could all use a bit of “liquid courage” at times. Liquid Courage is the needed boost to bring your most courageous self to the world. 

Liquid Courage Lip Lacquer LineThe Diva Diaries Blogazine: Who do you envision the lady wearing Liquid Courage Cosmetics to be?
Liquid Courage Cosmetics: Liquid Courage takes pride in serving the woman that provides meaning and value to their families, businesses, and the communities she serves. Liquid Courage was designed for the modern and upwardly mobile women who isn’t afraid of a little color. Liquid Courage is more than a brand it’s a lifestyle.

The Diva Diaries Blogazine: What makes Liquid Courage lip lacquer different from others on the market?
Liquid Courage Cosmetics: At Liquid Courage Cosmetics we offer our consumers fun and vibrant product offerings at an affordable price owned by us for us. Our consumers tell us that they simply love the Liquid Courage Cosmetics message and mission. 
Our consumers love Liquid Courage lip lacquer and say that it is “Long-lasting, great pigmentation, it wasn’t chalky or clumpy, it felt moisturized and didn’t dry out my lips, affordable…{its} easy to use, transportable, light-weight, simple, I like that it’s true to color (what you see is what you get), you can see the product in the case.” 

The Diva Diaries Blogazine: Name five things women should have in their purse at all times.
Liquid Courage Cosmetics: 1. One of our Liquid Courage lip lacquers of course 2. Blotting powder 3. Compact mirror 4. Cell Phone 5. Wallet

The Diva Diaries Blogazine: Three words to describe beauty…
Liquid Courage Cosmetics: Beauty is Personal. Beauty is Art. Beauty is Timeless

The Diva Diaries Blogazine: What can we look forward to from Liquid Courage Cosmetics in 2014?
Liquid Courage Cosmetics: In 2014 Liquid Courage Cosmetics plans to give our consumers access to more product offerings. We also plan to get a bit more personal with our COURAGEOUS consumers by hosting beauty parties and participating in community events where our consumers work, play, and live.

Liquid Courage Cosmetics 2The Diva Diaries Blogazine: How did you prepare yourself for starting a business?
Liquid Courage Cosmetics: 1. I did my research and created a plan. The business model canvas was a great tool to help me think through my short & long term business strategy. 2. Established relationships with the right partners. 3. Raised the necessary capital to help fund the business. 4.  I just did it. I created an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, and Shopify site. I was literally in business and selling product in no time. I’ve learned that DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT.  

The Diva Diaries Blogazine: How did you raise the capital to venture into the cosmetics industry?
Liquid Courage Cosmetics: I created a specific savings account for my cosmetics company and funded it with discretionary income from my 9-5.

The Diva Diaries Blogazine: What advice would you give to women who are hesitating to start a business?
Liquid Courage Cosmetics: Success is on the other side of fear.

*Order Liquid Courage by visiting their site , email or you can reach customer service 347.696.1246.

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