Spring Cleaning For Small Spaces Pt. 2 – The Refrigerator

Our Spring cleaning series continues with the refrigerator. This is my least favorite part to deep clean. But it is so necessary to keep your fridge clean and throw out expired food.

Yes! That week and a half old take out that you forgot about is becoming a science project in your fridge. Take some time today and clear the clutter in your fridge. Throw away old take-out items and items that are spoiling. Once you’re sure that there are no more science projects in the fridge, take all of your food out and set it on the counter. Remove your drawers and set them in hot dishwater to soak. I love using Method dish soap and pretty much Method anything to clean.

While your drawers are soaking, clean out the refrigerator with hot dishwater that you have placed in a large bowl. Depending on how soiled your fridge is, you may have to repeat this process several times. Pour out the dirty water each time in between washings. Once the fridge is clean, you can clean and rinse the drawers. Dry them with a paper towel and place them back in the fridge. Place your food back into the refrigerator and be sure to wipe down food jars (i.e. Jelly jars) before putting them back in. Repeat this process with the freezer.


You will feel so much better about cleaning (those of us who dislike cleaning but love a clean house) when you clean in bite-size chunks. Yesterday your clothes, today your fridge and tomorrow…well tomorrow rest. There is more coming in our Spring Cleaning series. Because well there are only a few more days of spring left. 🙂

Do you love cleaning? We want to hear what products you use to get your home sparkling clean. Email us at info@thedivainc.com. XOXOXO

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