Purposeful Pursuit Of Your Passions

We all have them – PASSIONS aka dreams. But dreams without a plan are just fantasies. You need a solid plan of action for each dream that you are pursuing if you want to be purposeful in that pursuit.

Here are a few action items you can put into place this week to make more meaningful progress on your dreams.

Find An Accountability Partner.

I talk about Accountability extensively in my article: Accountability: Goals Require Responsibility and this is an important step in achieving your goals and developing the mindset that you will need to accomplish them.

Adjust Your Morning Routine

The early bird gets the worm as they say. If you’ve been following me on Instagram you already know that several months ago I put a morning routine in my life and and I’ve accomplished or made progress on many of my goals since then. Part of my morning routine is to clear the clutter. A cluttered mind does not bode well for my creativity.

I suggest waking up one to two hours earlier than you usually do. This will give you time to put some efficiency in your morning routine. While my routine can change depending on what is a priority that day or week, here are some basics that are helpful:

  • Drink Celery Juice (or Green smoothie) – Celery has helpful medical benefits and I’ve been doing this for weeks now. I feel more energetic, I stay fuller longer and Celery juice is said to help clear acne over time. Starting my morning off with Celery juice has become something I look forward to. In the beginning, I was making the Celery juice myself, however I have switched to using Pressed Juicery instead as this is faster for me. I order five Celery Juices at a time and drink one per morning on an empty stomach. If you are not drinking Celery juice you can also wake up and drink hot water with a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar, tea or have breakfast. Starting your day off with the right nutrients will help your mind wake up and get ready to think.
  • Exercise. I’m aiming for 30 minutes per morning but I’m not there yet. The YouTube video exercise video that I like to watch is called, 30-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata to Torch Calories. This is a 30 minute video and I do 10 minutes at a time. Clearly I’m out of shape but I’m getting better the more consistent I am. I love that you don’t have to go to the gym to have a great exercise session and you can find something fun to do on YouTube.
  • Prayer/Gratitude – I love working through devotionals as a way to read the Bible. During my mornings I like to make sure that I am reading through my daily devotional and praying. This helps me to set a better beginning to my day.
  • Declutter & Clean – Set aside 10 minutes for you to tidy one area of your house in the mornings. Make your bed, wash dishes, or work on organizing some other part of your home. Even if you are only spending 10 minutes per morning, by the end of the week that area should be pretty tidy. If you can spend more time in the morning on decluttering, the better.

I don’t always nail all of these things each morning. But, having a clear idea of how I want my mornings to go helps me be more consistent on my goals. I will often shoot a video for my youtube channel, work on an article for the magazine or do something else that is also a priority. My mornings have become more sacred because they are when I can get so much done.

Declutter Your Space

Decluttering your space such a crucial part of achieving your goals. A messy home/work environment does not work well for creativity. Work on getting your space organized and decluttered. I love following Chevonne from This Well Planned Life on Instagram. Her organizational skills are impeccable and she is so inspiring. I highly recommend following her if you are trying to get organized. Surround yourself with the positive inspiration you need to have a tidy space.

If you are like me and you hoard papers, find out if there is a shredding company that makes residential stops. You may find that this is not as expensive as you may have thought. Go through your entire home and get rid of all the unnecessary papers, receipts, and mail with your name on it.

Write Your Goals Down

Use The Diva Diaries® Make The Vision Plain 6 month Goal Setting Workbook to write down your goals and make a monthly and weekly plan to make them happen. Writing down your goals makes them clear to you and you can craft a proper plan that propels you into manifesting them. 

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