5 Reasons You Should Hire A Wedding Planner


Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding? Who is going to do your invitations? Where are you going to have it? How many bridesmaids are you going to have? Who is going to make the cake? Sure, as a bride, you can take on the task of planning your own wedding…but should you?

International wedding planner, LC’Marie of LC’Marie Weddings + Events has been in the business of planning brides’ dream weddings and events for six years. Her chic-elegant style has brides flocking to her for help. But what about the bride who wants to do it all on her own? The Diva Inc. Magazine sat down with LC’Marie to understand just how much a wedding planner can help a bride and why you should hire a wedding planner.

TDIM: What exactly do wedding planners do?

LC’MARIE: Most people won’t have the experience of planning a large event prior to their wedding. An experienced planner is useful in bringing all of the pieces together and helping their clients navigate the process and save money & time along the way. We are able to assist with budget management, timeline creation and sourcing vendors.

TDIM: What advice do you have for the bride who wants to do it all herself?

LC’MARIE: Don’t do it! Why go through the stress? If a bride is set on doing it herself she definitely wants to start early in the process. There are a few different tools that she can use to help with the planning: a detailed planning timeline, websites like Wedding Chicks and Green Wedding Shoes, and a Day-of-Coordinator. Even if she has taken care of everything prior to the wedding, she doesn’t want to be bothered or responsible for managing the flow of events on the day of her wedding.

TDIM: How affordable is hiring a wedding planner?

LC’MARIE: Very affordable! When you compare the cost of hiring a planner versus the overall cost of your actual event your planner’s cost is such a small percentage of your budget. Your time costs as well.  A  planner gives you the opportunity to reallocate the time you are spending on planning to other tasks that only you can manage.

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TDIM: What are the top five reasons to hire a wedding planner?


  1. Saves you money. A planner may be able to negotiate lower rates with vendors that they have developed relationships with from past events.
  2. Your time is so valuable and most people are working with a one year or less timeline. My clients are usually very busy professionals, trendsetters and travelers who know they want this amazing event, but simply do not have the time to balance between their 40+ hr job and planning a wedding.
  3. Working with experienced vendors is so crucial. A planner can guide you in that process and connect you with the right company. If you want a photographer who has more of an editorial style you don’t want to waste time hiring someone who shoots with more of a whimsical, dreamy style. You will be disappointed.
  4. The location options are endless and many clients get stuck at this point. A planner has  experience working with many different locations and based on your needs or preferred style, can recommend the right place for you. 
  5. Your friends and your family love you and would like to be present enjoying the moments in your wedding. They will likely agree to take the role if you ask, but they would rather enjoy your wedding than work at your wedding. 
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TDIM: How would you describe your style as a wedding planner?

LC’MARIE: My design style is chic & stylish events with elegance. There can never be too many florals mixed with patterns and textures. I create events like a person dresses their outfits with many layers so that it tells a story to your guests.  I enjoy clients who have a clear sense of style and reflect those unique details about their couple story into their wedding. 

My planning style was best described to me by a guest at a wedding I recently planned, “Fast and Graceful.” There are so many components to orchestrate on your wedding day and my goal is to make it look as seamless as possible. When my couples ask how everything is going and the kitchen just caught on fire or your limo is lost and 1hr away, my response is always going to be, “Everything is AMAZING.

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To work with LC’Marie visit her website LC’Marie Weddings + Events. Follow her on Instagram and let her know The Diva Inc. Magazine sent you!

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